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At Akorbi Digital RunMyProcess, we specialize in enterprise application transformation and want to enable our partners to deliver first-class solutions to clients all over the world. Our joint efforts will help elevate your expertise and give you the competitive edge.

Expand your business with a leader in integration, automation, and co-creation.

We make it easy to integrate systems, quickly automate processes and workflows, and co-create with partners to accelerate the implementation of sustainable solutions that improve the client’s business performance.

As an established player in system integration or IT consulting in digital transformation, you will find RunMyProcess DigitalSuite a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Expand your enterprise portfolio and services offering with Akorbi Digital RunMyProcess.

Why Akorbi Digital RunMyProcess?

Best-in-class solution
Fast enablement, developer support, and training
Co-marketing and sales engagement approach
Enhance new revenue opportunities

Our Partners

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