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Businesses around the globe are entrusting RunMyProcess’ low-code platform to transform their digital landscape.
With over 2,400 connectors,
RunMyProcess Digital Suite offers:

  • Entirely low-code development 
  • Easy to learn, drag-and-drop design
  • The ability to build out custom applications in minutes for workflow automation
  • The creation of connections with ERP systems, CRM accounting systems and many more.

See RunMyProcess DigitalSuite in Action

Improving budgeting accuracy and saving time and costs
French dairy industry body CNIEL benefits from higher transparency and improved control over its budgeting process, while saving time and eliminating server and infrastructure costs.
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Optimized control & accuracy of budget management workflow
Find out how RunMyProcess helped leading home emergency provider, HomeServe USA, maintain ambitious growth plans.
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Enabling indirect marketing efficiencies
Pierre Fabre digitalized its marketing processes, resulting in greater global consistency, collaboration and visibility.
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Improving process efficiency by 40%
With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, Berendsen Fluid Power was able to optimize their repair processes which increased efficiency by 40%.
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Custom Business Process Workflows 

When you use the RunMyProcess platform, you can connect systems that previously were never able to speak to one another and completely automate your business processes. When using applications developed by RunMyProcess, employees can save time by no longer having to transfer data from one system to another or having to do repetitive tasks manually. This newfound time enables employees to focus on other initiatives, thus improving efficiency and productivity.

Access from Anywhere

Regardless of time zone, geographical location, or where using a phone or computer, RunMyProcess applications can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Secure, Encrypted Environment

With secure data centers and the widespread use of encryption in RunMyProcess, you can rest easy in knowing your data is safe from external threats

Build Custom Applications Faster

With drag-and-drop low coding and instant, one-click  deployment, custom, automated business processes can be built in a matter of days. 

Pre-Programmable User Access Profiles

Upon setup, you can select user profiles to match the role and their security requirements within the platform.  This ensures increased security in which users can only access data critical to their roles.

Scale and Evolve your Data 

The flexible data stores can scale with your business and dynamically evolve, without the delays that come from restructuring traditional relational databases. 

Integrate IoT with Core Applications

Our integration between IoT and business systems - both legacy and new - helps to improve the efficiency of data transfers and provides improved data insights to assist in decision making.

Conquer Business Challenges

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