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Create Workflows in the Cloud

Companies today continue to rely on Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow tools that are expensive to purchase, slow to deploy, and IT-intensive to manage and operate. Many companies are gradually moving towards digitized operations by using a combination of cloud and on-premise systems to document, control and manage their business processes.

While these systems successfully perform the individual tasks that they’re designed for, they are usually not integrated with each other due to high cost, lack of resources and flexibility, and missing integration capabilities. This results in data and application silos that require inefficient and erroneous manual processes such as sending emails, creating spreadsheets, and even drafting physical forms to exchange information between systems.

The RunMyProcess platform seamlessly links all your existing systems, processes, and workflows in the cloud—making it quick and simple to retrieve information from various systems and route it to other applications, people, and devices anywhere, anytime. We ensure that every area of business, from Sales and Marketing to Finance, HR, Supply Chain, and Logistics benefits from the speed, quality, and low-cost improvements that our automated workflow technology provides.

Adapt to Your Needs

Integrate the Web of Everything

Wide Range of Integrations

We enable integration with a wide range of existing on-premise and cloud systems. Creating seamless workflows with ERP and CRM software, such as SAP and Salesforce.


Scalable and Highly Mobile

With business processes constantly changing, our technology allows your company to quickly and securely deliver, test, and scale systems as needed.

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Customized Solutions

We design custom solutions to address your unique business problems and specific department needs.


Device Independent

The RunMyProcess interface is accessible on browsers, mobile devices, tablets, and more so users can access what they need from every touchpoint.


Intuitive Interface; Full Visibility

Our unified digital experience provides a single location to access applications and a consolidated view of tasks across all workflows.

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Efficient Deployment

By bringing people and systems together in optimized workflows, our technology enables your business to deliver solutions that achieve fast and high-quality results for your customers.

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Manage Workflows with Ease

The RunMyProcess platform brings all your applications and workflows together to help maximize productivity. We remove technical and financial barriers to digital business automation by integrating all of the IT and operational capabilities needed to build, run, and deploy workflows.

Our technology empowers companies to prototype workflows without IT support. Through the RunMyProcess platform, you can quickly develop workflow-driven applications in the cloud with drag-and-drop development and easy deployment and operations. This results in reduced costs and saved resources so your IT team can focus less on the creation of workflows, and more on approval, integration, and rollout.

Drive Company Growth and Innovation

RunMyProcess was founded in 2007 by a group of visionary technologists seeking to transform enterprise IT. In 2013, we were acquired as an independent subsidiary of Fujitsu, the third-largest IT provider in the world.
Since 2007, we’ve automated the financial request process of a billion-dollar pharmaceutical company, customized the guest amenity request process for an internationally recognized hotel chain, and come to serve a diverse roster of clients across the globe.

Case Study

I Heart Studios, a London-based digital content producer, has a strong ambition to become the biggest photography studio in Europe.

I Heart Studios quickly discovered that manual processes of labeling and recording thousands of items of clothing and accessories from various clients was hampering company growth.

We developed a RunMyProcess-based application that digitized and fully automated I Heart Studios’ end-to-end processes…

Resulting in 600% revenue growth in 12 months and increasing their workforce from 12 to 102 employees in just six months.

The simplicity of the RunMyProcess platform allowed new employees to adopt our technology without substantial training.

We continue to work with 
I Heart Studios to grow their application and strengthen their competitive advantage and satisfy the continually changing needs of their rapidly expanding business.

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