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    Clínica General del Caribe S.A., Colombia

    Digital management service provides for a lean and flawless fulfillment of medical orders in the intensive care unit (ICU).

    “The technology advances daily and we must be with the latest technology, we must go to the forefront. With SICOM, we are implementing, developing and researching to be more competitive every day.”
    – Rubén García, IT Manager, Clínica General del Caribe

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    Clínica General del Caribe S.A., Colombia, is a health care organization with the mission to provide adequate, timely, personalized, and comprehensive health services. Like other hospitals, Clínica General del Caribe is facing the demand to maintain and improve patient care and safety and at the same time ensure the flawless and timely fulfillment of medical orders in their intensive care units (ICU).


    Intensive care units (ICU) are associated with serious health situations. Patients and visitors need to trust in the ICU staff performing in the best and most efficient way possible. As the ICU staff’s time is critical, it is vital for them to use their resources in an optimum way.

    However, today’s health care involves a variety of heterogeneous and complex facilities and technologies. In order to improve the operational efficiency, there is a growing need to reduce this complexity by formalizing the processes, integrating and connecting the systems involved, eliminating unnecessary steps, and automating manual tasks as much as possible.

    Citizens, organizations, and companies are increasingly demanding that health care providers offer high quality services. The inefficiency of the hierarchical structures of clinical administrations and the time required to adapt to a world full of technological and economical transformations are the main reasons for the ongoing criticism.

    The introduction of cloud-based business process management technologies and automated workflows in areas such as medical order fulfillment in ICU promises quick and significant improvements. The goal is to allow the medical staff to focus on their patients, and to increase patient safety and avoid the complications arising from the lack of timely care.


    Clínica General del Caribe implemented a human-centric platform, SICOM, system for compliance of medical orders. Based on and powered by RunMyProcess, SICOM provides for the lean, automated, and flawless processing and fulfillment of critical medical orders, for example, for clinical laboratory, imagenology studies, and medication administration, and for the seamless integration of all the required systems.

    With SICOM, all the people involved in ICU patient care have immediate access to real time information on the fulfillment of medical orders at any time and in any place. Devices like TVs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and even smartwatches are being used to view the data and work on them. On a single screen, physicians, nurses, therapists, and others can see the information that is relevant to them. Early alarms allow for quick reactions by the staff that sometimes save lives.

    SICOM can gather data from other medical information systems in real time. The platform could be integrated easily and seamlessly with any of the hospital technology services that follow the HL7 standard. This was achieved by means of HL7 connectors that were developed quickly and efficiently with RunMyProcess.

    SICOM was developed in a very short time. Hospital staff and experts participated in all phases of development and test, embracing the new digital platform with its patterns and modeling and automation capabilities. With the adoption of the RunMyProcess project implementation model, the allocation of the hospital staff to development tasks was accomplished efficiently and in full accordance with the time schedules, allowing the actors to focus their efforts.


    SICOM enables the medical staff in ICU to focus on their actual work: patient care!

    With highly automated workflows, SICOM reduces manual and mechanical tasks in the processing of medical orders. At the same time, it helps the medical staff to immediately identify and react to critical issues, values, and levels. In addition to the ICU staff, people from different areas and departments of the hospital have access to the information that SICOM provides. This includes technical staff as well as hospital management and accounting.

    By continuously monitoring and reviewing the accuracy of the information generated and the level of automation achieved throughout the SICOM development, the hospital management was able to adjust and optimize the quality indicators of the medical order fulfillment process as well as the process itself.

    With SICOM based on RunMyProcess, Clínica General del Caribe started the introduction of digital workflow management. This increases their awareness for the dynamics of the processes carried out by the hospital staff and enables rapid modification and adaptation to operational changes.

    The quick introduction and results obtained were not only satisfactory for the hospital management but also welcome by the medical staff using the system.

    • Highly automated workflows reducing complexity and manual tasks and saving time for patient care
    • Optimized presentation of processes, data, and results with immediate focus on critical issues
    • Improvements of essential risk indicators like the proportion of inappropriate medical treatment
    • Easier billing for medical services with less errors by integration with administrative systems

    “SICOM will help to ensure that medical orders are executed in a shorter time, from the point of view of support to patient care. As an added value, it will improve the quality of service for us, as health personnel, in the sense that it will avoid to wear us out when we do not have optimum vigilance of medical orders.”

    – Hernán Medina Maestre, ICU Doctor, Clínica General del Caribe


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