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    Semana Económica

    New CMS for Peru’s leading economic magazine reduces administration by 50%.

    “We used to spend at least eight hours per article waiting for reviews, edits and comments. Now, it takes on average four hours, helping us save 200 hours each week.”
    – Mario Rosales, operations and technology manager at Semana Económica

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    Semana Económica is Peru’s leading business and economics magazine. Since 1985, this weekly publication has provided in-depth economic reports and business reviews to executives and business owners – a group that generates approximately 45% of Peru’s GDP.


    Dedicated to producing high quality content, Semana Económica employs a large team of analysts, editors, proofreaders and graphic designers. But with the growth of the team, without an automated workflow, it became increasingly difficult to manage the publishing cycle and meet the strict publication deadlines.

    All steps of the magazine publication were a manual process. Editors would save articles in Microsoft Word format and then send them to other team members for review and proofreading. Each contributor would then create a new copy of the file and send it back, but this created confusion as numerous versions of the same document were sent around and it was difficult to locate the final version. Images were sent separately which made document management even harder.

    Also, there wasn’t a centralized place to store or back up article files other than the contributor’s hard-drives or email attachments: “When someone was absent, files often couldn’t be accessed and in case of a mistake, reverting changes was time consuming”, said Mario Rosales, operations and technology manager at Semana Económica.

    Additional bottlenecks occurred due to the low transparency of the process and no validation reminders: editors often had to wait until the previous contributor finished their review, with little visibility on the status of the process. “We would spend eight hours on each article just waiting for reviews, edits and comments,” Mario Rosales explained.

    ‘At around 50 articles published each week, we were wasting at least 400 hours each week.”

    In 2013, searching for an automated solution, Semana Económica approached Cloudware360, Peru’s leading Google Apps reseller. Cloudware360 suggested a Fujitsu RunMyProcess solution for its Google Apps integration and reporting features.


    The Fujitsu RunMyProcess-based application, developed by Cloudware 360, integrates Google Drive and an HTML conversion system that enables article publication to the website. Today, all steps of the magazine content creation are managed by the application. The editor logs into the application via Google OpenID, selects the magazine issue and enters the details of the article: subject, magazine section, maximum number of characters in the article. The editor then pastes the text of the article into the application form and assigns proofreaders and further editors.

    Once submitted, the application notifies the assigned proofreaders and editors on the new submitted article. The proofreaders and editors validate the article and then assign the article to the graphic designers who are required to upload the graphics for the article. Once submitted, the application notifies the publishing director who approves the articles. Similarly, the publishing director validates the final magazine layout. Once signed-off, the Fujitsu RunMyProcess application automatically publishes the HTML file of the magazine to an intermediate server, that is then published on to the magazine’s web portal by the webmaster.

    All articles are saved on the Google Drive of the company. Depending on the process stage, the Fujitsu RunMyProcess application gives and revokes editing permissions to the participants: for example during the final stages, only the publishing director has editing rights.


    The Fujitsu RunMyProcess application developed by Cloudware360 enabled Semana Económica to automate its article publishing workflow, increasing process speed and transparency. In 11 months, Semana Económica published 36 magazine issues with more than 50 articles per magazine. “We used to spend at least eight hours per article waiting for reviews, edits and comments. Now, it takes on average four hours, helping us save 200 hours each week,” explained Mario Rosales.

    “For our small team of 24 people, that helped us decrease hours lost by approximately 50%.”

    Thanks to the automated solution, the magazine team now know the exact status of each submitted article, helping avoid bottlenecks. “Before, we had contributors working on the same file in parallel, creating multiple document versions. Now, we know exactly where in the publishing stage we are and our web publishing time decreased from three hours to just 30 minutes,” said Mario Rosales.

    The application was well received by the team as it simplified the task of managing and reviewing articles.  “We can now access the assigned tasks in just a few clicks and track all document changes,” he added.

    The company also appreciated the integration with Google Apps that provides easy and secure access to the application and ensures that all documents are now stored at the same place. Integration with Google Apps helps manage different access rights of the various contributors as well as article revision history.

    The team now has access to in-depth reporting on the publishing cycle, with full visibility on the number of items published, being approved or edited. “The reports help us to detect problems earlier in the publishing cycle, giving us more time to correct them,” Mario Rosales explained.

    The generated reports also include article editing and comments history, helping keep track of all modifications. It means the team can notice recurring problematic patterns, and keep metrics on efficiency.

    Semana Económica  extended the application to include the publishing process of a new magazine – Perú Economico, published bimonthly. Semana Económica continues to work with Cloudware360 on the evolution of the application, continuously adding new features and functionalities.


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