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    Retailer and supermarket chain

    Digital Preventive Maintenance application helps a major Australian retailer improve its quality of service.

    “Every engineer now has accurate and reliable equipment information instantly available on a mobile app. Deploying the Digital Preventive Maintenance helped us reduce administrative tasks to almost zero!”
    – Tony Tang, Portfolio Manager, Fujitsu Australia New Zealand.

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    Digital preventive maintenance application based on RunMyProcess for Australian retailer and supermarket chain


    A major Australian retailer and supermarket chain have a large number of incidents occurring on their in-store equipment, which directly impact the performance of the company and reduce store trading capabilities. This has the potential to lead to deteriorating customer service and satisfaction due to reduced check out lane availability, and ultimately decreases the business efficiency of the supermarkets. To prevent issues occurring on their equipment, the supermarket chain contracted Fujitsu to provide preventive maintenance services for more than 3,000 stores across Australia.


    Stores holding on average 300 items of equipment each are visited by Fujitsu engineers several times a month and all equipment is inspected and serviced on a regular basis to reduce its ‘mean time to failure’ and achieve a high quality of service.

    The traditional approach to the management of preventive maintenance activities required the completion of hard-copy maintenance forms that were scanned, emailed and maintained in a central spreadsheet. The engineers arrived on site at a supermarket, identified the equipment and located the information in the hard copy to find details and dates of previous inspections.

    This approach not only led to a significant amount of manual errors but a significant waste of time. With time lost due to identifying equipment and researching information, coupled with mistakes in hard copy information and risk of data being lost, there was a significant lack of integrity in record keeping. This led to ineffective coordination of maintenance crews and delays in reporting. Consequently the rate of failure could not be reduced and the services were at risk of not being competitive enough for the retailer to continue operating in the market.


    Fujitsu adopted RunMyProcess to rapidly develop a cloud-based preventive maintenance application called iPM. The teams worked together to solve business challenges, taking into account the customer-specific requirements, and were able to successfully deliver and deploy the application in two months. This application took advantage of the RunMyProcess high performance databases, native mobile compatibility, rapid forms development and Business Process Management capabilities to create efficient workflows.

    The iPM application is accessible on mobile to the maintenance engineers when they inspect equipment on site. To access iPM they simply download RunMyApp from a major app store (Android, Apple and Microsoft) and use it on any mobile device. Once onsite the engineer can use their mobile phone’s GPS to locate the nearest stores and display the list of assets. Engineers can also scan the bar code on store equipment with a mobile camera, or search for particular equipment in a specific store.

    The Fujitsu engineers will then have access to maintenance records and can easily prioritize the assets to inspect thanks to traffic light indicators. Once finished they simply update the results of their inspection on the mobile app. The ease-of-integration provided by RunMyProcess allows incidents to be raised in-store and sent directly to the customer’s Help Desk system. The application also automatically tracks the time spent on an inspection.


    The digital preventive maintenance has significant business efficiency benefits for the retailer and direct benefits for Fujitsu.

    From a Fujitsu perspective, every engineer now has accurate and reliable equipment information instantly available on a mobile app, and administrative tasks are reduced to almost zero. The internal staff can also view and use the application from their own web browser. They can create and manage the data such as equipment brands, internal store data and equipment in the application by themselves.

    Fujitsu management can follow the maintenance activities performed on any equipment in any store in reports in real time and monitor the assets’ long term performance and rates of failure. They also monitor the monthly and yearly reports on time spent.

    “Digitizing this process using mobile technologies would ordinarily require months of development to design, implement and deploy the necessary mobile application, back-end system integration and reporting. We were able to provide a solution matching our needs that is 100% cost effective and delivered in only 2 months. We are confident we could do this in even less time for future customers. Overall this was a pleasant process and great to introduce RMP to such an important Australian business.” – Tony Tang, Portfolio Manager, Fujitsu Australia New Zealand.

    “In the first year we have already seen 21,890 Preventive Maintenance activities in over 2,862 stores and 46,192 equipment groups just for this first retailer. As the application is running on the RunMyProcess’ cloud platform we will be able to scale up instantly to welcome new teams supporting Fujitsu’s customer base.” – Max Moriceau, RunMyProcess Country Manager, Fujitsu Australia New Zealand.

    • Improved quality of service by reduced failure rate of equipment
    • Higher frequency of service and prioritization of efforts according to risk of failure
    • Significantly less manual errors and time to identify equipment, obtain data of previous inspections, and record inspection details
    • Automated submission of service tickets and elimination of hard copies and spreadsheets

    “Every engineer now has accurate and reliable equipment information instantly available on a mobile app. Deploying the Digital Preventive Maintenance helped us reduce administrative tasks to almost zero!”

    – Tony Tang, Portfolio Manager, Fujitsu Australia New Zealand.


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