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    Pierre Fabre

    New online applications enable indirect marketing efficiencies for global pharmaceutical.

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    Logo of Pierre Fabre - French pharmaceutical group


    Headquartered in Castres, France, Pierre Fabre is the country’s second largest independent pharmaceutical group, covering all aspects of healthcare, from prescription drugs and over-the-counter products to dermo-cosmetics.


    Pierre Fabre needs to deliver consistent global marketing campaigns to promote its cosmetic brands and engage health professionals around the world. But this is a complex process due to the number of countries, people and requirements involved – and attempting to manage this complexity with basic tools was creating delays, inefficiencies, and risks.

    “Pierre Fabre has to manage a range of indirect marketing tasks such as promotional merchandise or hospitality. However, this information was consolidated via email and Excel with no agreed processes,” explains Matthieu Durand, Enterprise Architect, Pierre Fabre. “This made it very difficult to manage processes and get accurate information in a timely manner.”

    Pierre Fabre therefore issued an RFP to find the right partner to work with them in addressing these marketing issues. Its most important criteria were speed of implementation, cost and functionality. After evaluating a number of software companies, it decided that RunMyProcess was the best fit.

    “RunMyProcess proved that it had the people and technology to drive the project quickly as well as having a low cost per usage point,” adds Durand. “It could also deploy solutions globally via a secure cloud platform, ensuring we could easily reach all 130 territories.”


    RunMyProcess has enabled Pierre Fabre to digitally transform its marketing operations by quickly creating new applications that fit the organization’s specific needs. Equally importantly, RunMyProcess’s ability to make these solutions globally available at the touch of a button means that everyone can collaborate irrespective of location.

    By leveraging RunMyProcess’s intuitive, drag-and-drop design tools and extensive library of connectors, Pierre Fabre was able to quickly create multiple web applications – with integration to their back office ERP where necessary – that were still less expensive and more flexible than in-house solutions.

    One application which stands out is the reservation system for the company’s internal luxury hotel and restaurant. This venue hosts medical professionals for seminars and to showcase new products. Previously, the reservations were entirely manual, making it difficult to keep the precise records required by the government. Today requests can be submitted and approved instantly online, providing a simple way to validate the expense and ensure compliance.

    As a result of the initial successes, Pierre Fabre’s use of RunMyProcess has been extended to other areas of the business, helping to digitize further activities including logistics and internal validation processes for top managers.


    “When we ask RunMyProcess to create a new application, it will be up and running within a few weeks, which is extraordinary compared to an ERP or CRM deployment,” Matthieu Durand, Enterprise Architect, Pierre Fabre.

    Pierre Fabre has enjoyed a remarkably rapid return on its investment due to the fast time to market of its new RunMyProcess-based applications. By providing a cost-effective, turnkey platform for digital transformation, RunMyProcess has enabled the organization to create more transparent and accurate processes for key indirect marketing tasks.

    More generally, Pierre Fabre’s journey to digitize its marketing processes to date has resulted in greater collaboration, higher levels of efficiency and control, better visibility of performance and more transparency for auditing and compliance. Together these changes are not only helping to deliver more effective indirect marketing activities but also creating a better experience for Pierre Fabre employees at its headquarters and 44 worldwide subsidiaries.

    • Greater global consistency, collaboration and visibility within indirect marketing activities.
    • Higher productivity, efficiency and responsiveness for staff through end-to-end automation.
    • Faster time to value using a secure, cloud-based approach to deliver the applications within a few weeks.
    • Extension to other areas, including logistics and internal validation for top managers.

    “From the outset, RunMyProcess has shown a strong commitment to developing the right solutions for us. It is responsive and agile, enabling us to create the best tools together as a collaboration.”

    -Matthieu Durand, Enterprise Architect, Pierre Fabre.


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