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    House Foods America

    House Foods America used Fujitsu RunMyProcess to enable it to place orders directly, tracking activity in real-time and eliminating costly investment.

    “In the future, we want to implement RunMyProcess cloud infrastructure solutions in other areas. It will help us to improve governance procedures and run our outlets more efficiently.”
    – S. Takenouchi, A. Ogikubo, Production Managers, House Foods America

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    Founded in 1981, House Foods America, with production facilities in Los Angeles and New Jersey, has been the biggest producer and supplier of tofu in the United States for more than 30 years. The company also runs the Curry House restaurant chain, which features Japanese-style curry dishes, and is the local distributor of imported House Foods products from its parent company in Japan.


    Like any thriving business, House Foods America needs to keep track of its supply chain and the associated costs. Previously, Curry House outlets would compile orders on a standard spreadsheet program and send the files to suppliers as email attachments.

    However, because there were numerous suppliers involved, there were multiple emails to be sent out every day. This created headaches for outlets, suppliers and head office, particularly with respect to inefficiencies and the risk of human error. House Foods was therefore keen to introduce a more effective and reliable ordering system that would improve governance procedures.

    Initially, the scale of the challenge was daunting: the company would have to invest in new servers and design a new ordering system from scratch. Furthermore, the IT Division would be needed to provide maintenance and operational support, at a time when it was already engaged in several large projects and did not have the necessary personnel. At the same time, outsourcing these tasks was considered too costly.

    Finally, there was the cultural challenge of introducing a major change to familiar processes. If the new system didn’t perform as expected there was no alternative and no way to revert to the old system. House Foods proceeded with great care to ensure it found the most cost-effective, efficient and feature-rich solution. A significant milestone was reached when Fujitsu RunMyProcess was recommended by the system vendor and IT consulting firm JBS USA.


    Fujitsu RunMyProcess provides House Foods with the ability to create, deploy and distribute highly customized business applications designed to meet its specific needs. The solution operates in the cloud, which means there is no need for expensive investment in system infrastructure such as servers and operating systems, and no ongoing operational requirements.

    Because Fujitsu RunMyProcess provides a web application development and execution environment, it makes it easy to implement new solutions. This has successfully addressed a number of issues with the old system through the integration of order data.

    House Foods used the Fujitsu RunMyProcess development environment to design a web application that Curry House outlets can use to place orders directly, while also tracking ordering activity in real-time. Individual outlets now enter order quantities by midnight, which suppliers download to check quantities. Head office then updates the master lists of around 250 items and price lists, and monitors order activity and status in real-time.

    “Naturally, application development tasks had to be left to JBS,” says Shiro Takenouchi, Production Manager, House Foods America. “But this was still much easier than doing all the programming from scratch.”


    Fujitsu RunMyProcess has eliminated the need for an initial investment in hardware, as well as the associated processes of researching, selecting, installing and maintaining the hardware. At the same time, it is configured to charge by frequency of use, rather than the number of connected users, making it simply another utility, where House Foods pays only for what it uses.

    Meanwhile, the feature-rich development environment makes it easy to develop new systems in a fraction of the time and hassle-free maintenance minimizes the burden on the company’s IT team. System development is less complex, making it easier to accommodate the requirements and suggestions of actual users. Similarly, ongoing modifications and functional enhancements are faster and easier to implement and therefore less costly.

    Although there were some concerns about the security implications of running the entire system over the internet without local servers, fears were allayed by a strong recommendation from JBS, who pointed out that Fujitsu RunMyProcess is a leading global cloud-based service that was recognized with the Global Award for Customer Value Leadership from Frost & Sullivan in 2014.

    House Foods is delighted with its new cloud-based ordering system and is confident that more can be achieved in the next stage of development: “In the future we want to implement RunMyProcess cloud infrastructure solutions in other areas. It will help us to improve governance procedures and run our outlets more efficiently,” adds Takenouchi.

    • Zero need for investment in development, hardware or maintenance
    • Simplicity of operation minimizes human error and provides real-time data to all users
    • Instant summaries and reports can be generated in a matter of minutes
    • Discrepancies can be traced in order to identify the source of the problem

    “We’ve finally managed to put in place a reliable and accurate ordering system. Now we want to move to the next stage of making the system more efficient and eliminating human error, by introducing features such as checking against order items only and automatic alerts when order quantities don’t match up.

    – Atsutoshi Ogikubo, Production Manager, House Foods America.


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