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    HomeServe USA

    New product introduction process helps leading Home Emergency provider maintain ambitious growth plans.

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    HomeServe USA provides affordable home emergency service plans to over two million homeowners in the US and Canada, dedicating itself to providing best-in-class emergency repair plans to consumers.


    HomeServe prides itself on its entrepreneurial zeal and has seen 20 percent year on year growth over a five year period. This rapid growth has presented its own challenges, however. Technology investment had lagged behind the business expansion and many key processes relied on manual intervention. This created a barrier to scale, causing increasing inefficiency and threatening their ability to sustain their impressive growth.

    “We wanted to use digital technology to create a more accurate, efficient and scalable business that could sustainably absorb market growth,” explains Helen Boyian, Product Operations Director, HomeServe USA. “But without losing speed and entrepreneurial spirit.”

    Launching new or customized products to enter new territories or support partner requests is a key enabler to growth within the HomeServe business, with delays forming a hurdle to innovation. But HomeServe also operates in a complex regulatory environment, where different states apply different regulations depending on whether their services are viewed as warranty services or insurance products. Compliance failures can therefore result in more than customer dissatisfaction; failure to comply with published terms and conditions can result in significant regulatory risk.

    “Ensuring the timely and accurate introduction of new, updated or customized products – including proper state filing and organizational readiness to deliver the right T&Cs – is a critical strategic need,” adds Boyian. “Existing manual processes were becoming stretched to the limit, with a lack of cross functional visibility and control putting the business at risk and delaying growth.”



    To begin its digital transformation journey, HomeServe looked for a rapid digital business platform which could span and connect all of its existing functional silos and systems, enabling people to work together more effectively.

    “Delivering such a complex program required an environment in which we could rapidly build, test and evolve processes, roles and connections – helping us iterate rapidly to learn what made value flow best from end-to-end,” continues Boyian.

    HomeServe started by mapping its end-to-end processes and worked with RunMyProcess to digitally transform, automate and connect them as they went. This was a complex cultural transformation which required change across people, processes and technology simultaneously – effectively realigning processes to optimize the delivery of outcomes.

    “Digitizing your business changes it”, says Boyian. “For this reason you need to deliver quickly to improve your understanding and unearth new requirements. In our case we were looking to minizmize risks and optimize efficiency and so each iteration provided an opportunity to look again from a new perspective. Incorporating learnings quickly was much more important than getting it right the first time.”

    Together HomeServe and RunMyProcess digitized the product introduction process from end-to-end, creating an overarching process flow supported by seven major sub-processes and 21 cross-functional teams – all connected by RunMyProcess to deliver a better outcome.


    “People and systems are connected, information is available in real-time and everyone now knows exactly where their input is required,” says Helen Boyian, Product Operations Director, HomeServe USA.

    The digitization and automation provided by RunMyProcess have eliminated almost all of the risk for errors previously experienced, ensuring that appropriate business rules have been met before next steps are taken. This has significantly reduced the company’s overall risk exposure.

    At the same time, individual sub-processes now run in parallel underneath the coordination of the main product introduction flow – helping to accelerate time to market by parallelizing work without losing the collaboration and control necessary to achieve accurate results.

    By effectively digitizing this critical process, HomeServe has been able to increase the speed, accuracy and scalability of its product introductions
    – unblocking a major barrier to accelerated growth while simultaneously reducing the risk of errors that have the potential to inadvertently violate operating licenses in different states.

    “It is important to make sure that everyone can see the same data in real-time across the whole end-to-end process, because different, duplicated views of data introduce inefficiencies, delays and risk of error,” concludes Boyian. “RunMyProcess has now given each individual the ability to log into their own customized portal where they can see all of the products in real-time in their lifecycle and understand what that means in terms of workload.”


    • Faster time to market through digitization of product introduction processes.
    • More scalable operations through automation, control and parallel working.
    • Greater control and lower regulatory risks when launching compliant products and services.
    • Real time visibility of product status and organizational readiness to launch.

    “RunMyProcess has helped to change the culture of the organization, taking care of details and enabling people to manage by exception.”

    -Helen Boyian, Product Operations Director, HomeServe USA


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