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    Chambre Fribourgeoise de l’immobilier

    Automated contract management solution helps the Chambre Fribourgeoise de l’immobilier save time and increase revenue.

    “For years, we searched for an application that would be able to manage lease agreements, requests and generate PDFs. Then we found it in the Fujitsu RunMyProcess application.”

    – Louis Bertschy, general secretary, Chambre Fribourgeoise de l’immobilier 

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    Chambre Fribourgeoise de l’immobilier (CFI) is a canton association of estate owners, insurance companies, and institution owners located in the Fribourg area of Switzerland. Since it was established in 1973, the CFI has also been involved with facilitating access to property, and assuring the accuracy of the lease agreements.


    When selecting a new tenant, the Fribourg canton property landlords had to order online copies of the lease agreement from CFI’s website. They would then receive the lease agreements by post, along with a bill for this service. The landlord was then required to manually fill out the lease agreement with the details on the property and the tenant, followed by another form which had to be downloaded from the CFI website, to be completed with similar information on the rent and the tenant. The process was very time consuming.

    Seeing an opportunity to improve this process, Go2eGov, a Swiss integration partner of Fujitsu RunMyProcess, contacted the CFI. “I saw that there was a problem that could be easily resolved with Fujitsu RunMyProcess,” said Jean-Daniel Faessler, the founder of Go2eGov.

    Following a demonstration of a Fujitsu RunMyProcess-based application, the CFI made the decision to work with Go2eGov to automate its lease agreement online requests.


    The application was developed and implemented in just a few weeks. The user interface was integrated into the layout of the CFI’s website to simplify access for landlords. The process is launched when a landlord selects the requested form on the website. By indicating a member’s ID, the application auto completes the landlord’s personal data. Once submitted, the application automatically generates the lease agreement that is sent to the landlord by email in PDF format. Furthermore, the application autocompletes the calculated monthly and annual rent and additional charges.

    Simultaneously, the application notifies the CFI’s accounting department of the new lease agreement request. The integration between the application and the CFI’s accounting system helps automate the generation process for bills that the landlords receive at the end of each month.


    The application was successfully implemented in November 2013. The Fujitsu RunMyProcess solution developed by Go2eGov helped the CFI increase the speed of its process, and the number of lease agreements generated, while modernising its image and increasing user satisfaction.

    The application significantly decreased the processing time needed to manage the requests of the lease agreements; “Before, getting a final version of the lease agreement took up to a week. Now it takes just a few minutes,” shared Jean-Daniel Faessler.

    This service improvement allowed the CFI to increase the costs of the lease agreements, helping generate more revenue, while reducing time spent. The automated PDF generation also helps ensure no changes are made to the documents, preserving their legal status. In addition, the application has been fully customised to meet the CFI’s exact needs, integrating its internal accounting system. “Thanks to this solution, we are finally able to provide an intuitive, quick and easy to use solution to our members,” confirmed Louis Bertschy, General Secretary, CFI.



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