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    Leading commercial vehicle leasing company Fraikin transforms for the digital age with RunMyProcess.

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    Logo of the Fraikin Group - Leading provider of commercial vehicle leasing services


    Founded in 1944, Fraikin is a leading provider of commercial vehicle leasing services. Its unique business model combines flexible financial and technical services to provide industrial and commercial vehicles without the risks and burdens of ownership. Today, the Group manages more than 57,000 vehicles across Europe and Africa.


    Fraikin prides itself on its leadership in delivering bespoke leasing arrangements that meet the specific needs of customers spanning a wide range of industries. Maintaining this differentiation requires extremely flexible contractual processes, however, something that has traditionally taken a great deal of time to perfect for each customer.

    With the rise of digital technologies, Fraikin found it increasingly difficult to deliver the customization required by its customers at an acceptable speed and cost, with paper-based processes, a hierarchical organization and outdated systems creating constraints and delays that threatened the organization’s growth.

    A visionary new management team decided to use digital technologies to transform Fraikin’s culture and business model. In particular they wanted to use cloud and digital services to enable seamless collaboration and move decision making closer to the customer. Fraikin therefore created a 21 point plan to transform the organization, prioritizing the use of digital technologies to increase empowerment, encourage entrepreneurial behavior and deliver greater speed and collaboration across the whole company.

    However, they quickly realized that they would also need to rethink their technology – moving away from paper and siloed, centrally managed systems towards a more open environment that connected people, processes and technology across functional and geographic boundaries.


    Fraikin chose RunMyProcess, due to its cloud-native speed of delivery and its support for mobility, process management and integration.

    To deliver on its ambitious vision, Fraikin’s leadership team also needed to build enthusiasm across the wider organization. To do this it used RunMyProcess to educate business owners about digital technology and to empower them to take ownership of the transformation.

    In this way it was able to create feelings of ownership and excitement – something that eventually resulted in a wide-ranging transformation that touched everything from contracting and offering processes through to vehicle management and maintenance processes.

    As an example, vehicle management processes are now carried out using RunMyProcess applications running on tablets instead of paper forms. “By digitizing tasks in the workshop we not only improved productivity but also increased visibility across the organization – which in turn helps to transform other processes in new business or customer services,” clarifies Franck Lerivrain.

    Most importantly, RunMyProcess has enabled Fraikin to quickly implement a significant proportion of its 21-point plan, using its adaptability and integration capabilities to take a low risk, incremental approach to digital transformation that minimized disruption to the business.


    “The most exciting thing is that we are not only saving time internally but also in our dealings with customers” says Franck Lerivrain, Director of IT Services, Fraikin.

    Fraikin’s digital journey has been about culture as well as technology. By enabling business owners to understand and test new digitization opportunities RunMyProcess has been a valuable partner in enabling cultural change. Today Fraikin is a faster, more streamlined and more
    entrepreneurial organization with a greater awareness of the critical links between business and technology. Equally important, this awareness, coupled with the collaborative potential of the cloud, is creating a more federated and empowered organization.

    But most critically, this new culture is leading to significant improvements to Fraikin’s propositions, with better information, faster decisions and more customization helping it reassert its strengths and gain a new competitive edge.

    “Our turnaround time for customer quotes has shrunk from almost two days to just a couple of hours. Senior management can easily confirm approvals via smartphones, accelerating deals. And our network of field agents can do business using the latest information via tablets,” adds Lerivrain. “And equally importantly global visibility of data helps us manage our costs and investments more accurately – accelerating decision making and speeding up the business”.

    • A cultural transformation
    • Productivity increases of up to 400 percent
    • New automated digital processes
    • People, systems and devices connected

    “The ability to quickly automate processes spanning mobile, cloud and on premise resources is unrivalled.”

    -Franck Lerivrain, Director of IT Services at Fraikin.


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