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    Financial services company

    New Employee Onboarding application helps major Australian financial services company to simplify, streamline, and automate this critical function of their business.

    The time to onboard a new employee was reduced by 40%. HR is now able to provide the same quality of service to new employees as the company has been delivering for decades to their customers.

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    Automated employee onboarding solution based on RunMyProcess for Financial services company


    One of Australia’s largest wealth managers and most respected financial services companies not only strives for continuous success in their business area. They also attempt to take their internal processes such as HR management to the next level. Being proud of providing a workplace where employees can be the best they can be, this all starts from day one with a new employee.


    The manual business process in place for onboarding new employees caused many problems. The process was often delayed, required many steps, and was heavily reliant on paper-based methods. The onboarding was taking five days, where the new employees did not have full access to systems, equipment, and other critical productivity tools.

    For example, email based processes or phone calls were used to request IT administrators to create accounts and assign roles and access rights in different systems, such as SAP, Microsoft Office365, Microsoft SharePoint, and Salesforce. This could result in errors – errors that simply cannot be allowed in a company providing financial services and working with highly sensitive data.

    With over 900 employees and hundreds of contractors, the employee onboarding process was in need of a serious overhaul. The challenge was to streamline and speed up the process so that new hires had a more positive first experience and faster time to productivity.

    At first, the company tried to use their existing IT service management solution involving ServiceNow and Workday, but found that these products did not provide enough ease of integration and flexibility.

    They then engaged with RunMyProcess, and found that to be a perfect fit.


    Based on RunMyProcess (RMP), the company now has a fully automated employee onboarding process.

    The hiring manager simply starts the onboarding process on the RMP platform and selects a ‘role bundle’ for the new employee. This ‘role bundle’ is essential to simplifying the employee access needs and requirements. It not only determines the employee’s role, such as account manager, sales manager, marketing executive, etc., but also defines the physical access rights to the different office locations and systems in place.

    In addition, the onboarding application takes care of generating service tickets to ensure the new employee has all the devices required, such as mobile phone, laptop, PC, and network connectivity, from day one.

    The entire employee onboarding process can be monitored from a dashboard by key stakeholders such as the HR team. At each stage of the process, different teams are notified of the new hire such as compliance, security, mailroom, etc. The notifications and metrics are key to understanding the efficiency of the onboarding and make further changes and enhancements to continuously improve the workflow.

    And, as part of the onboarding process, the new employee is automatically sent a ‘Welcome to the team!’ email with information on access rights to the various systems and other crucial information to make their first day a pleasant and productive one.


    Using RunMyProcess, the time to onboard a new employee was reduced by 40% from 5 days to 3. This resulted in over 1000 person days saved over the course of one year.

    Taking advantage of the powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of RunMyProcess, the entire employee onboarding application was developed in only 5 weeks. This equates to low development costs and short time to leverage the new application.

    With an extensive list of pre-built connectors in the RunMyProcess library, integrating with existing systems such as Microsoft Office365 is quick and easy. No custom development is required.

    The employee onboarding application can be accessed from desktop and mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. This allows business users to monitor the workflow, take action, and receive notifications regardless of their location.

    With the flexibility and agility of RunMyProcess, the onboarding process and application can be adapted very easily. In only days, the application was integrated with Workday, the company’s new HR system, and with a new ServiceNow instance.

    • 40% savings in time to onboard new employees
    • Less errors and problems by automation and integration of systems
    • Minimum time and effort to develop, deploy, and adapt the application
    • Happy and productive employees from day one

    HR is now able to provide the same quality of service to new employees as the company has been delivering for decades to their customers.


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