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    Custom-built campaign and investment management processes achieve greater market responsiveness.

    ”We were looking for a cloud solution that could easily leverage Google Apps. Fujitsu RunMyProcess was the obvious choice.”
    – Luigi Cichella, IT project manager, FATER

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    Fater, a joint venture between Gruppo Angelini and Procter & Gamble, is a leading personal care product company in the Italian market. It includes well-known brands such as Pampers, Ace, Tampax and Lines. Headquartered in Pescara, Italy, Fater employs 1,000 employees and reported a turnover of 950 million euros in 2013.

    Problem – marketing

    In order to promote its product range on the Italian market, Fater regularly organizes promotional campaigns such as product offers, giveaways and discounts. This requires a range of legal documents and validation steps. Previously this process was manual and files were sent back and forth between different groups, causing confusion and time delays.

    Searching for a customizable and automated solution which could also leverage Google Apps, Fater discovered Fujitsu RunMyProcess. “We were looking for a cloud solution. Fujitsu RunMyProcess was an obvious choice,” shared Luigi Cichella, IT project manager, Fater.

    Solution – marketing

    To manage promotional activities, Fater decided to implement an automated solution that fully integrates a range of Google Apps capabilities (Google Sites, Calendar and Gmail). The process is launched when the marketing manager opens the application and specifies the details of the marketing action e.g. type of giveaway, description and campaign dates. Once submitted, the request is sent for validation to a number of managers responsible for different elements of the campaign, such as graphic design, communication, and social media. Once validated, the application generates a campaign page within the company’s internal Google Site. Fater had a preference for Google Sites rather than Google Drive, as the history is easier to access. The application also adds the campaign to Fater’s Google marketing calendar.

    Following the first step, the managers responsible for graphics, legal validation and financial approval are notified about the action and asked to upload additional documents. These files are uploaded directly into the application, which in turn adds them to the campaign page on Google Sites.

    Once all of the legal documents required for a promotion have been received and uploaded to Google Sites, the application notifies the marketing manager and provides a summary of all relevant documents.

    Benefits – marketing

    The automated solution helped Fater accelerate approval for marketing campaigns, leading to greater market responsiveness and increased competitiveness.

    Furthermore Fater now has access to dedicated Google Sites pages for each of its campaigns, which has collated all of the documents that were used. “It was very important for us to develop a solution that easily integrates Google Sites, creating a sort of an online archive with all information on the process,” explained Luigi.

    “It was a great advantage for us that we could design the process independently and exactly how we wanted it to be – thanks to the graphic, drag-and-drop interface,” he added.

    “For us, the application didn’t just automate a process, it forced our teams to go through a mental change – understanding that what was acceptable during a manual, paper-based process, was no longer possible in an automated solution.”

    Problem – investment

    Following the successful deployment of the marketing campaign management solution, Fater’s manufacturing team approached the IT department in search of an investment management solution. When submitting an investment request, the manufacturing team needed to manually enter information into SAP before manually notifying managers, engineering teams and accountants of their request by email.

    This process was not only time consuming to initiate, but  the lack of visibility of status meant the team would have to spend time chasing up individual managers for approval. “The equipment can cost several thousands of euros, and the validation process can involve numerous departments. With no automated process to manage the validation workflow, the whole process was time consuming,” explained Luigi.

    Solution – investment

    The investment management solution was developed by Fater and went live in July 2014. It is fully integrated into both SAP and Google Sites. The process is launched when the sales manager logs into the Fujitsu RunMyProcess application and enters the details of the requested investment. The sales manager also attaches documents that support the investment request and specifies the investment amount.

    Once submitted, the Fujitsu RunMyProcess application records the investment request within SAP and notifies the group manager of the new submission. Once approved, the application updates SAP and notifies the next manager in the approval chain – the engineering manager. Similarly, once approved, the application updates SAP and then notifies the finance and accounting teams. Once all required approvals have been received, the application updates SAP and creates a page on the company’s internal Google Sites, archiving all information on the request and its associated documents. “In this application, RunMyProcess acts as a user interface while all information is stored in SAP,” explained Luigi.

    Benefits – investment

    The investment management solution allowed Fater to greatly accelerate the approval of new investment in equipment while also simplifying the end to end process for all participants by providing seamless integration with SAP and Google Sites. Fater’s manufacturing managers now know exactly where in the process their investment requests are, helping to decrease bottlenecks and delays. And as all of the information is saved on Google Sites, managers have direct access to documents in a single, centralised repository. “We no longer need to exchange paper or many emails as everything is done online,” Luigi summarised.


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