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    Berendsen Fluid Power

    Berendsen Fluid Power migrates its core cylinder repair processes to an automated RunMyProcess platform, which has improved efficiency by 40 percent.

    “If we are not working to develop new and more efficient processes then we are not meeting the market’s requirements. One way of doing this is to implement systems such as the workflow engine provided by RunMyProcess.”
    – Ben Johnson, General Manager, Berendsen Fluid Power

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    Logo of Berendsen Fluid Power - Australia's largest specialist hydraulic services provider


    For over 20 years, Berendsen Fluid Power has been at the forefront of Australia’s hydraulic industry. It offers unbeatable service and repair capabilities for all hydraulic product types and systems and is committed to providing quality service that lasts. Its service is relied upon by some of Australia’s best-known names, including BlueScope Steel, BHP, Anglo American, Hitachi Construction Machinery and Liberty OneSteel. With nine fully equipped workshops across the country, Berendsen is Australia’s largest specialist hydraulic services provider.


    Berendsen Fluid Power’s comprehensive cylinder repair service, a vital part of its business, involves many stages, from status to performing a scope of work, providing a quotation and then making the necessary repairs, then testing and delivering completed goods. At each step of this journey, information was captured on paper and later transferred into an Excel spreadsheet. The potential for human error, missing information and time wasted was significant.

    “There was a lot of replication and duplication of effort across various stages where the same information was required. It was a very fragmented and inefficient approach,” explains Ben Jones, Workshop Coordinator, Berendsen Fluid Power. “It also took a lot of time that we could have been spending on the repairs and manufacturing.”

    Berendsen sought out a more effective way of working and, after exploring a variety of workflow solutions with an onsite consultant, settled on RunMyProcess to transform how it manages critical business processes.

    “We were looking for a simple digital solution with workflow capabilities that we could deploy in-house and begin the process of designing each stage in the chain around an automated, integrated platform. RunMyProcess offered that flexibility at a cost-effective price,” adds Ben Johnson, General Manager, Berendsen Fluid Power. “If we are not working to develop new and more efficient processes then we are not meeting the market’s requirements. RunMyProcess helps position us as a leader.”


    The RunMyProcess platform helps Berendsen to quickly implement innovation, achieve change fast, and deliver a digital solution that exactly matches its needs. By using sophisticated application development, process management and integration capabilities, Berendsen can quickly deliver powerful business automation. Standard connectors make it simple to connect a broad range of people, systems and devices – including SaaS services like Office 365, on-premise systems like Oracle – before making the results accessible on any device, anywhere.

    “It isn’t complex to integrate processes with the new platform. So far, we have successfully transitioned the initial stages and are 90 percent of the way to completing the entire service lifecycle,” continues Jones. “Now the process of receiving a cylinder for repair to issuing a quote is completely automated and integrated, with iPads on the workshop floor using a customized RunMyProcess application.”

    This makes it simple for employees to input information in real-time, including photographs, for increased efficiency and accuracy. A user-friendly interface makes the application easy to navigate and all the necessary information is available at the touch of a button.

    “It is a much faster way of capturing the relevant data and integrating it with the necessary databases,” says Jones. “Our workshop personnel prefer this way of working as it saves them time and removes the duplication of effort previously encountered.”


    By implementing RunMyProcess, Berendsen has been able to introduce efficiencies across the board. Issuing a quotation, which usually would have taken a week, now takes just three days, enabling better customer service. Information is available in seconds, rather than being buried in paperwork.

    “We have all the information captured in one place so people needn’t spend 30 minutes hunting through piles of paperwork,” comments Jones. “It is also much easier to take photographs and have them automatically uploaded. This provides us with visual evidence of each repair project.”

    By streamlining and automating its business processes, Berendsen expects to see efficiency gains of up to 40 percent. It also expects its reporting ability to be much improved, enabling the company to quickly provide its customers with the information they need.

    “At the moment, our reports are hit and miss, based entirely in Word and Excel and requiring the collation of multiple resources, which takes time,” remarks Jones. “When we migrate it to RunMyProcess, all the information will be in one place, so we can simply drop in some photos, convert to PDF and away we go.”

    One final area that is helping Berendsen operate more effectively is the visibility that RunMyProcess provides. It captures data that can be analyzed to evolve systems and enable enhanced performance.

    “By giving us visibility of the issues and failures that occur, we can proactively identify and propose solutions to our customer,” concludes Johnson. “RunMyProcess is an automated, transparent and robust digital business application platform that ensures we can provide the best, fastest customer service, while reducing paperwork for our staff. We are looking forward to adding more processes as the digital solution evolves and making more critical business services available to employees on the floor and in the field.”

    • Process efficiency improvement of up to 40 percent
    • Customer quotations now delivered in three to five days rather than one week
    • All relevant information, including photos, available at the touch of a button via an iPad app
    • Increased visibility and speedy identification and resolution of problems by means of automated reports

    “If we are not working to develop new and more efficient processes then we are not meeting the market’s requirements. RunMyProcess helps position us as a leader.”

    – Ben Johnson, General Manager, Berendsen Fluid Power


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