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Salesforce Integration Solutions

Build applications that seamlessly integrate Salesforce with other systems, products and devices.

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite makes it easy for IT departments to quickly build applications and processes which integrate Salesforce data and actions into the wider activities and systems of the company.

Salesforce’s ease of roll-out and low cost of entry have made it the backbone of customer operations in many enterprises – but its impact can be even more transformational when you integrate its data with other processes, cloud services like Office 365, or on-premise applications like SAP.


Create integrated and efficient digital operations that maximize the value of Salesforce

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, with its extensive set of connectors, makes it easy to integrate Salesforce with a broad range of systems and devices – including SaaS services like Office 365, on-premise ERP systems like SAP, and other bespoke and legacy applications.


Easily integrate Salesforce data and activities into your business processes with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite

Our flexible and scalable low-code platform created for enterprise businesses enables you to build, deploy, and run complex applications that enhance and integrate Salesforce use in enterprise apps – it’s easy, fast, and cost-effective.

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Integrate Salesforce with hundreds of cloud and on-premise systems

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides sophisticated process management capabilities coupled with an extensive library of integration connectors, making it easy to build end-to-end digital workflows that integrate Salesforce with many other cloud, social, and on-premise systems and devices.
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Access customer data from any device

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is available on all devices, allowing you to move beyond mobile access to Salesforce and create new mobile applications that combine customer data with information and actions from all across the business.
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​Automate data integration to reduce manual tasks and avoid mistakes

The seamless Salesforce integration provided by RunMyProcess DigitalSuite enables you to reduce re-keying, eliminate errors, and automate unnecessary manual tasks – streamlining end-to-end operations and ensuring consistency of data across the board.
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Allow your business and IT to evolve

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite offers an additional prototyping environment that makes it easy for IT and business users to test new application ideas before taking them into full development – enabling faster understanding of Salesforce enhancement requirements.

Help maximize the productivity of your employees – anytime, anywhere

With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can access your Salesforce data, no matter where you are or when you want it. Our cloud-native platform empowers your employees to ensure well-orchestrated operations for their department – from Sales to Marketing, Finance & Admin, and more.

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“RunMyProcess has enabled I Heart Studios to achieve full end-to-end managed processes and business transparency, adding value to our core product and ensuring our client base has security and confidence in both the management of their products and the completeness of their jobs.”

– Sjors Bos, General Manager of I Heart Studios

See RunMyProcess DigitalSuite in Action

Increasing turnover by 600% with new workflow solution
Based on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, I Heart Studios in London created a fully-digitized application for processing their photo shootings, integrating Salesforce to ensure joined up operations from initial enquiry to final invoice.
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Conquer Business Challenges

Seamlessly integrate Salesforce with cloud, social, and on-premise systems and devices with RunMyProcess’s low-code platform built for enterprise businesses.