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We believe in seamless integration.

From connecting people across continents to connecting digital processes and devices, we strive to fully integrate the digital and physical worlds of enterprises across the globe with our low-code application platform.

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite’s sophisticated integration capabilities connect cloud- based tools with on-premise systems.

And to make every part of your business more efficient, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite enables you to connect digital processes, systems, and devices with each other and with the people that use them.

Connect Enterprise Applications

We seamlessly integrate disparate business systems making processes work even better and faster.

On-Premise Integration
Connecting on-premise systems like SAP or Oracle with cloud-based systems is crucial for keeping up with your growing business. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite enables you to quickly and easily integrate these systems so you can access all your data and workflows in one place.
Enterprise Directory Integration
To keep your data more secure, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite easily integrates with existing enterprise directories like LDAP and Active Directory. Our integration connectors help you import, and synchronize roles and hierarchies to better manage access rights and permission levels.
API Management
RunMyProcess DigitalSuite makes it easy to manage and create web-based APIs so you can more efficiently connect people, software, and devices internally and externally. With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can build, deploy, and scale API endpoints all within an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.
IoT Integration
With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can seamlessly and securely integrate IoT Edge technology with a broad range of systems, people, and devices for a more responsive and data driven organization.
Cloud Integration

Quickly integrate data from cloud applications, productivity tools, and social apps like Salesforce, Office 365, and Twitter with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite’s comprehensive library of pre-built connectors.

Increase efficiency with integrated systems, people, and devices

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite integrates on-premise systems like SAP and Oracle with cloud-based productivity tools and applications to streamline your business processes and workflows.

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See RunMyProcess DigitalSuite in Action

Increasing turnover by 600% with new workflow solution
Based on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, I Heart Studios in London created a fully-digitized application for processing their photo shootings, integrating Salesforce to ensure joined up operations from initial enquiry to final invoice.
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Accelerated investment decisions by integrating SAP with the cloud
An investment management solution allowed the Italian company Fater to greatly accelerate the approval of new investment in equipment by providing seamless integration with SAP and G Suite.
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Conquer Business Challenges

Maximize business outcomes with integrated systems, people, and devices using our flexible and scalable low-code platform.