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IBM Notes Replacement Solutions

Transform organizations by rapidly replacing legacy apps with new business solutions that integrate end-to-end business processes and systems.

Without the right technology to assist in IBM Notes migration, companies risk losing all the applications and workflows that enable key business functions. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite offers you the perfect solution to migrate and/or replace all of your Notes-based applications and workflows to a more secure, flexible, and cost-efficient cloud-native alternative.

Products like G Suite and Office 365 help replace the email and productivity functionalities of IBM Notes, but struggle to support users who rely on IBM Notes’ application development tool for creating workflows and automating tasks. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite considers all the potential uses of IBM Notes. Our rapid application platform allows you to quickly build cloud workflows and fully integrate and automate tasks for full decommission of IBM Notes.

Quickly replace IBM Notes applications to unlock migration to Office 365 or Google Apps

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite makes it easy to quickly and securely replace IBM Notes applications and workflows with modern, cloud-based alternatives that provide full integration and automation of Office 365 or Google Apps. You can do agile building, testing, and deploying of customized solutions to ensure that business operations are undisrupted during the migration period.

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite ensures a smooth migration from IBM Notes to cloud-native solutions

Our flexible and scalable low-code platform is the ideal complement for cloud-based software products like G Suite and Office 365.

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Replace on-premise Notes applications with cloud applications

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite offers you the perfect solution for migrating your Notes applications and workflows. It goes beyond just ensuring a smooth migration experience—our platform also provides you with the ability to connect backend systems and build business applications, so you can get the most out of your investment in G Suite and Office 365.
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Provide an extensive library of integration connectors beyond Office 365 and Google Apps

We make it simple to quickly replace Notes-powered workflows with equivalents that integrate cloud email, calendars, and docs. Beyond Office 365 and Google Apps, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite offers an extensive library of connectors for many other cloud, social, and on-premise systems and devices.

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​Make applications available on all devices

Replacing Notes applications with new cloud-native solutions makes them automatically available on all devices, opening up business workflows for use beyond the traditional office PC and enabling staff to participate in processes from anywhere.
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Offer a development environment that makes it easy to prototype workflows

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite significantly reduces the timescales and costs of replacement. By empowering users in the line of business to review and test the forms and workflows they need, IT can focus on approval, integration, and roll out.

Replace outdated but critical Notes applications and go beyond simple automation

With our low-code, cloud-native platform, you can quickly build device-independent cloud workflows that replace Notes-based applications – so your Notes platform can be fully decommissioned. You can go beyond simple automation to enable integration with hundreds of other on-premise and cloud systems and devices.

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“We don’t have unlimited resources, but now we can use our resources for maximum potential returns.”

– Richard Thomas, Business Application Manager, Welch Allyn

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Accelerating the hiring process
The French Automotive supplier Trèves Group saw its hiring process accelerated from 4 weeks to just 10 days.
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Improve speed and accuracy of access termination process
Employees’ access termination process was managed using IBM Notes, with bottlenecks that required a streamlined workflow. The solution built with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite significantly improved process speed and accuracy.
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Conquer Business Challenges

Smoothly migrate IBM Notes legacy applications to cloud-native alternatives, and go beyond simple automation to integration with hundreds of other on-premise and cloud systems and devices.