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Transform experiences, increase productivity, and unlock operational efficiencies across business departments with office automation solutions.

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite gives you a complete platform for digital business automation, making it easy to deliver new digital processes that connect people, systems, and things from end-to-end.

Office automation in digital business is all too often limited to specialized silo solutions, which increasingly leads to roadblocks in transformation. Digital engagement, consistency of outcomes, and error-free real-time results cannot be achieved when using fragmented processes and data. Enterprises require an automation platform that connects silos and brings processes to everyone in the mobile workspace.

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Unlike previous waves of office automation, today’s goal is not simply to add digital technologies to existing processes – but to use them to transform the way work is done.

We see this digital transformation as requiring four key components or pillars: a unified digital experience (anywhere, on any device); connecting the digital supply chain (seamless integration across silos); delivery at digital speed and scale (starting fast, growing big when needed); and empowerment of digital innovation (giving ownership of process automation to business owners).

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RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is the low-code platform designed to build the Four Pillars of Digitalization for your business’ workflow automation

Digital business automation is creating huge opportunities to transform experiences, increase productivity, and unlock operational efficiencies across every business department. To reap these benefits, you will most likely need to:

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Unify the digital experience

Applications built with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite are automatically available on all devices. This allows you to extend business automation beyond the enterprise and empower people with new mobile apps that put data and actions in the palm of their hands. Coupled with end-to-end process integration across IT and business resources, this will guarantee maximum productivity for all users.

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Connect the digital supply chain

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides sophisticated process management capabilities and an extensive library of integration connectors, making it easy to automate digital processes that connect cloud and on-premise resources. Whether for Office 365, Salesforce, SAP, or any number of enterprise application software solutions, it supports seamless integration across all players and components in the digital supply chain.

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​Deliver at digital speed and scale

For your business applications, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides continuous deployment at the click of a button, providing the fastest conceivable application lifecycle. Combine this with a reliable multi-tenant architecture, worry-free global operations, security-by-design, and a scalable price model – and you can benefit from a platform that will grow according to your business needs.

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Empower digital innovation

It has often been reported that one of the key obstacles to digital innovation is ownership by the people involved. Enabling employees to actively participate in the process of business automation will remove these obstacles, while at the same time harnessing the creativity of the complete organization for defining and refining the way towards business automation.

Whatever industry you are in, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite can power your business and office automation

RunMyProcess has been supporting enterprises in many fields of business to increase.

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“RunMyProcess has provided I Heart Studios with a competitive advantage in the industry. The simplicity of the technology makes it easy for new users to adopt without substantial training cycles.”

– Sjors Bos, General Manager, I Heart Studios

See RunMyProcess DigitalSuite in Action

Increasing turnover by 600% with new workflow solution
Based on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, I Heart Studios in London created a fully-digitized application for processing their photo shootings, integrating Salesforce to ensure joined up operations from initial enquiry to final invoice.
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Achieving greater transparency and accuracy in the management of travel requests process
A new travel management process helps the French construction rental company Kiloutou to create fully transparent workflow.
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Centralizing processes boost performance
AISIN Automotive improved productivity and visibility by automating their production preparation workflow applications.
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Eliminating costly investments by a reliable and accurate ordering system
House Foods America used RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to implement a digital ordering system enabling restaurants to place orders directly and track ordering activity in real-time.
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Automate your business with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, our flexible and scalable low-code platform built for enterprises around the globe seeking workflow automation solutions.