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Quality and Service Management Solutions

Be the frontrunner for quality and service management in digital business.

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is a cloud-native platform for enterprise business applications that closes the gaps in quality and service management processes – and is the ideal foundation for your future digital business initiatives.

Staying ahead in quality and service management is a never-ending race. Enterprises not only need to be able to eliminate manual errors in connecting silos (e.g., customer history, documentation, and field data), but they also need to do this based on a platform that enables ongoing creative extension of quality initiatives and digital service offerings.

Give your enterprise a 360-degree view – and bridge the quality gap

The quality chain is only ever as strong as its weakest link. These weak links can be poorly connected systems, but also a work culture suffering from a lack of insight into complex processes. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite bridges these gaps with its powerful integration capabilities and empowers a real 360-degree insight into the quality of processes.

Cover all the bases of your service quality strategy

For quality in service management, multiple integrations can be quite challenging. RunMyProcess delivers a future-proof platform for a successful strategy. Here are a few examples:

Build human-centric apps for flawless fulfillment of critical service orders

The best way to eliminate human error is through user-friendly graphical interfaces always showing only relevant actionable data – a low-code platform for mobile app development is the right foundation to build on.

Optimize quality by visualizing processes, data, and results with focus on critical issues

In high-workload environments, quality of service often gets compromised by too much attention to non-critical detail. Custom-built process mapping based on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite will ensure that the right priorities will be set in handling quality issues.

​Improve customer retention by monitoring service quality

Comprehensive auditing of service quality is a task that requires extreme attention to detail. An automated solution based on our low-code platform can guarantee this attention and lead to more satisfied customers – even in situations with very distributed assets and extremely mobile workers.

Master customized validation processes in complex product portfolios

Product portfolios are becoming ever more complex – not only in “lot size one” type of businesses. This automatically entails an increasing number of validations and authorizations, from product idea to product launch. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite allows for designing apps that can cope with this complexity.

Accelerate incident reporting for high-quality repair services

Repairing business-critical assets (e.g. machines or public transport infrastructure) is a race against time. With low-code apps based on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can make sure incidents can be recorded on-the-go and automatically fed into any type of existing service tool.

Give your teams full control of relevant quality and service processes and data

With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can empower your teams to be on top of quality processes – anytime, anywhere.

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“SICOM will help to ensure that medical orders are executed in a shorter time, from the point of view of support to patient care. As an added value, it will improve the quality of service for us, as health personnel, in the sense that it will avoid to wear us out when we do not have optimum vigilance of medical orders.”

– Hernán Medina Maestre, ICU Doctor, Clínica General del Caribe

See RunMyProcess DigitalSuite in Action

Global portfolio management process improves transparency and reporting quality
Zodiac Marine & Pool, a world leader in pool equipment, used RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to create a reporting application, but as a motor behind numerous applications that drive the entire company.
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Real-time view of field operations grows market share and competitiveness
TruGreen LandCare, a lawn care and landscaping specialist, launched field data solution for rating of project quality, based on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.
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Digital service management for flawless fulfillment of medical orders in an intensive care unit
Clínica General del Caribe S.A. used RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to implement SICOM, a human-centric platform for fulfilling medical orders.
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Improving process efficiency by 40%
With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, Berendsen Fluid Power was able to optimize their repair processes which increased efficiency by 40%.
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Conquer Business Challenges

Gain enterprise-wide control of your quality and service management operations – and improve your competitive edge with the low-code, cloud-native platform from RunMyProcess.