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Production and Manufacturing Solutions

Design a digital solution to meet your production and manufacturing needs.

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite creates seamless, intelligent integration and automation for your production and manufacturing processes that optimize efficiency, transparency, and productivity.

Many organizations continue to suffer from outdated processes that lack effective integration and traceability across business silos – forcing them to rely on inefficient manual and paper-based tasks to operate. Organizations that lack the ability to quickly automate processes need a fully customizable end-to-end process integration solution in order to successfully transform to a digital environment.

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Take control of your manufacturing processes with end-to-end integrated solutions

The production and manufacturing industries face a variety of challenges, including decentralized production plants and complex supply chain management processes. At the same time, customers and partners are asking for greater levels of visibility and fast, seamless data exchange. With our fully-customized, mobile-ready applications that integrate existing enterprise systems and data silos, you will be able to tackle those problems.

Streamline your production and manufacturing processes with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite

Our sophisticated cloud-native application development platform allows you to customize and manage mission-critical business applications in a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective manner.

Track production and manufacturing workflow processes quickly and efficiently

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite helps remove the traditional manual tasks and physical paperwork by automating business processes to accelerate digitization and improve productivity.
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Integrate data from complex existing enterprise systems with ease

With our flexible, scalable low-code application platform, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite enables your team to build elaborate applications with ease and at a much faster pace.
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​Optimize your supply chain management

Our robust cloud-native application platform helps your team to easily automate tasks like inventory control, tracking reports for production line, purchase order processing, and contract approvals to ensure compliance and consistency throughout your organization.
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Gain visibility and control of your reports and inventory data

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite helps enhance collaboration among R&D, design, engineering and manufacturing teams to share centralized data and expand visibility of processes to create less error and improve the quality of products made.
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Leverage critical data points to improve your ecosystem

Improving your business with advanced technology such as IoT requires disparate systems to seamlessly integrate legacy infrastructure to connect to your business processes and enterprise applications. Manufacturers will thus increase their efficiency, productivity, and overall market performance.

Deliver new digital solutions that connect people, systems, and things

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite makes it easy to prototype and implement digital solutions by sharing expertise, resources, and assets amongst a mobile workforce. This accelerates the creation of sustainable solutions that improve your business.

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“RunMyProcess has solved the culture gap by centralizing and standardizing key processes, which in turn increases productivity and efficiency. We are delighted with the digital transformation we have undertaken.”

– Akira Muramatsu, VP IT and R&D, AISIN AUTOMOTIVE LTDA

See RunMyProcess DigitalSuite in Action

Improving process efficiency by 40%
With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, Berendsen Fluid Power was able to optimize their repair processes which increased efficiency by 40%.
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Centralizing processes boost performance
AISIN Automotive improved productivity and visibility by automating their production preparation workflow applications.
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Boosting productivity through process transformation
With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, PlaceMakers improved process transparency, employee productivity, and the speed to onboard new suppliers and products.
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Reducing the time spent on quality control
A Digital Check Sheet application allows global farm machinery manufacturer to replace paper checklists and reduce defects.
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Conquer Business Challenges

Empower and maximize business outcomes with a flexible and scalable low-code application platform for production and manufacturing industries.