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Allow your mobile workforce to access your organization’s data in real time, and be more effective.

Readily available data and process consistency are key productivity drivers for your mobile workforce.
RunMyProcess DigitalSuite makes data and processes available everywhere, anytime.

Having the right data available at the right time and place makes your mobile workforce effective in taking the right and economical actions. But how do you make this happen for mobile workers needing to access very diverse systems, e.g. for communication and feedback, ERP, ITSM, or customer care?
Organizations need a cloud-based, flexible platform to link their systems into a fully mobile digital process.

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Empower your mobile workforce and maximize business outcomes with a flexible and scalable low-code application platform built for enterprises

Accessing and sharing real-time business information is vital to any organization that wants to get instant activity updates and manage daily workloads efficiently – whenever needed, and from any device. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides the mobile workforce with access to the relevant data from any mobile equipment, thereby improving productivity, reaction times, and overall competitiveness. The cloud-native application platform allows you to manage your business activities in a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way.

Link your systems into a fully mobile digital process and unlock the full potential of your mobile workforce with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite helps your mobile workforce synchronize and get instant access to up-to-date data, empowering your organization and maximizing your business outcomes.

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Make data and process available everywhere, anytime

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is available on all devices and lets you monitor and get real-time business updates, wherever you are, enabling your mobile workers to improve data processing time and boost your mobile workforce effectiveness.

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Access accurate and reliable information

Many workers still use hard copies and do repetitive, manual administrative tasks, leading to a significant amount of errors, a serious waste of time, and a lack of integrity in record keeping. With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can get accurate and reliable information instantly on mobile devices, and say goodbye to paperwork.
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​Gain performance

Efficiency, proactivity, and anticipation are key to business activities. With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, not only do you save time by automating manual and repetitive tasks, but you also keep a close eye on your project progress and KPIs in real time, wherever you are.
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Optimize your business

With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, analyze your data quality and create reports instantly on your laptop and mobile device, helping you get a greater and detailed visibility of your field operations and increase your company’s reactivity.

Keep your mobile workforce and business activities up to date – everywhere, anytime

With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can build scalable, end-to-end integrated business solutions that allow your mobile workforce to get access to your organization’s systems and data on any connected mobile device, from any location in the world, leading to an increase of productivity and reactiveness.

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“Every engineer now has accurate and reliable equipment information instantly available on a mobile app. Deploying the Digital Preventive Maintenance helped us reduce administrative tasks to almost zero!”

– Tony Tang, Portfolio Manager, RunMyProcess Australia New Zealand.

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Real-time view of field operations grows market share and competitiveness
TruGreen LandCare, a lawn care and landscaping specialist, launched field data solution for rating of project quality, based on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.
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Reducing administrative tasks to almost zero
A major Australian retailer improved its quality of service thanks to a Digital Preventive Maintenance application developed by RunMyProcess.
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Conquer Business Challenges

Get real-time control of your field operations and improve your business efficiency with the low-code, cloud-native platform from RunMyProcess.