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Finance and Administration Solutions

Streamline complex finance and admin processes with automated workflows.

With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can ensure full legal compliance, audit capabilities, and maximum efficiency of your finance and admin processes by seamlessly integrating your existing systems for financial reporting, contract management, or purchase orders in automated workflows.

Today, most enterprises have already reached a high level of digitalization in their finance and admin departments by using modern digital systems. But are these systems integrated in automated workflows that prevent human errors? Can they ensure consistent reporting and complete recording of all business transactions? Organizations need to be able to meet these complex challenges in their finance and admin departments amid the ever-increasing interactions of global enterprises.

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Design and implement automated and integrated solutions for optimum efficiency, reliability, and compliance

Consistency, compliance, and transparency are key values in the finance and admin department. In order to meet these requirements, employees have to invest a high amount of time and effort – yet it cannot be ensured that human interaction in finance and admin workflows is auditable and reliable.

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite allows you to quickly and easily design and implement a customized, end-to-end solution that fully automates your finance and admin processes and seamlessly integrates and connects the systems, data, and people involved. Automated finance and admin solutions built with our cloud-native application platform eliminate erroneous manual tasks, save time and effort for employees, and maximize business efficiency.

Tackle the increasingly complex challenges in finance and admin with fully-customized, end-to-end solutions in RunMyProcess DigitalSuite

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite’s intuitive user interface enables you to easily create scalable, end-to-end solutions that perfectly fit your needs and significantly improve the performance and transparency of your finance and admin processes.

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Guarantee full legal compliance and audit capabilities

Advanced process management and integration capabilities provided by RunMyProcess DigitalSuite allow you to quickly deliver thorough automation and seamless recording of your business transactions, ensuring compliant and auditable finance and admin workflows.
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Eliminate human error and simplify procedures

The easy-to-use mobile apps and fully automated end-to-end solutions – all based on our cloud-native, low-code platform – allow you to streamline workflows in your finance and admin departments, thus preventing errors resulting from manual steps.
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​Provide complete documentation of financial transactions

Our platform’s sophisticated process management capabilities allow the involvement of internal and external people, departments, and systems for a seamless and complete process fulfillment. Consistent recording of all transactions gives the parties involved an immediate overview of the process status at any time, and leads to a high degree of transparency and control.
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Maintain security and avoid loss of transactions

Applications developed with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite can collect data from multiple interfaces and systems, and automatically route it to the responsible people and departments, avoiding duplication, disruption, and transaction losses. Access control and security mechanisms guarantee that the data can only be viewed by authorized users.
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Ensure usability and interoperability with third-party systems

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite’s standard connectors make it simple to connect people and a broad range of systems and devices – including SaaS services like Microsoft Office 365 or Salesforce, and on-premise systems such as SAP.
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Enforce strict operating procedures involving multiple approvals

In RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can easily create fully-customized solutions that seamlessly link people, departments, and systems, and automate the process of delivering relevant information to the appropriate persons, projects, and systems for further processing and approval.

Digitalize and mobilize your finance and admin processes – to transform the way work is done

With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can develop mobile apps for your finance and admin workflows, accessible to all the people involved in the process, from any device – leading to an increase in productivity. Our platform does not only support the complete digitalization and automation of your finance and admin processes, but will also enable you to adapt quickly to market or business changes in the future.

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“We really appreciate the adaptability of this application. We don’t have to work around it – it adapts to our exact needs.”

– Fabienne Lepers, Project Manager, Maison Du Lait Services, CNIEL

See RunMyProcess DigitalSuite in Action

Improving budgeting accuracy and saving time and costs
French dairy industry body CNIEL benefits from higher transparency and improved control over its budgeting process, while saving time and eliminating server and infrastructure costs.
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Increasing the processing capacity by 50%
Custom data submission workflow application for not-for-profit organization FOCUS provides real-time integration between the company’s systems, ensuring reliable and complete recording of information.
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Reducing contract validation time from one month to one day
Itaú Cultural, a Brazilian-based arts organization, uses RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to increase speed, transparency, and efficiency of its contract management process.
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Conquer Business Challenges

Seamlessly link your existing systems and automate complex finance and admin workflows with our flexible and scalable low-code platform built for enterprise companies, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.