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API Management Solutions

Connect and drive your digital business with APIs tailored to your needs.

An economy that is increasingly defined by software value chains requires the capability to systematically create and manage APIs. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides the reliable basis for efficiently modeling, deploying, and operating APIs that wrap existing systems, implement business logic, and orchestrate people, systems, and devices.

Web-based APIs are becoming a key enabler for connecting digital businesses and supply chains, both inside and outside the enterprise. But building and managing APIs at scale is a huge challenge. Without addressing legacy integration, non-functional mediation, and end-to-end process orchestration, enterprises cannot deliver the comprehensive API architecture necessary to succeed in the real digital economy.

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Achieve successful API management on a scalable and secure basis

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, our cloud-native, low-code platform, enables the efficient and seamless creation and management of web-based APIs across legacy systems, cloud services, and IoT-based resources. It meets the scale and security demands of open web-based architectures and allows for the aggregation and orchestration of APIs to deliver end-to-end digital processes – a unique result of the combination of API management and workflow automation.

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Expose, consume, and aggregate APIs with ease on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite

The API management capabilities of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite allow you to implement enterprise solutions and connect them to new digital ecosystems in a flexible, secure, and cost-effective way.

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Quickly expose existing systems as APIs

In the composite API builder of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can easily model, deploy, and scale API endpoints and logic using drag-and-drop. The composite APIs enable you to expose existing systems and applications for use in broader solutions in an extremely efficient way.

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​Deliver rich and responsive experiences to your users

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite helps you leverage your API infrastructure to deliver value to people, taking APIs beyond the back-end and using them to build composite applications that integrate data from multiple services and deliver unprecedented user experiences on any device.

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Orchestrate people, systems, and devices in digital value chains

Combined with the workflow and integration capabilities of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, the API management features make it easy to connect and orchestrate people, systems, and devices in API-driven processes and solutions, within and beyond the enterprise.

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Add non-functional logic and data to your applications

Using the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite drag-and-drop tool, you can quickly connect user interfaces and processes to underlying APIs, add non-functional logic such as security and throttling, and enrich your applications with data from a huge variety of sources.

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Tackle changing demands at speed and scale

Digital businesses are highly dynamic, with constantly changing customer demands, new competitors, and the need to connect a wide variety of in-house and 3rd party resources. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite helps you tame this complexity by abstracting detail and automating technology to visualize, deliver, and evolve API-driven systems at a different speed and scale.

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Track the performance of your APIs

Comprehensive reports and dashboards allow you to visualize and track the performance of your APIs as well as the applications they are integrated into. This information is the basis for adjustments and changes, which you can implement, deploy, and test at any time without interrupting the operation of your productive solutions.

Compose API-driven value chains for any business area and industry

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is the low-code platform for solutions that are tailored to your needs, driven and enhanced by APIs you develop yourself or integrate from sources within and beyond your organization – no matter what industry you are in or which business area demands it, from Finance & Admin to IT and more.

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“Thanks to this solution, we have globalized the support provided from our local, regional and global service desks and now can pass information seamlessly across RunMyProcess.”

– Noel Butcher, Product Director, RunMyProcess Global Service Management Tooling

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RunMyProcess implemented an integrated solution for their local, regional, and global service desks all over the world, allowing them to streamline incident management and increase their quality of service.
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