Onboarding new employees can be a daunting task, but automation can help reduce the time it takes to get your new hires up and running. Automating the onboarding process can help your company bring new employees on board in half the time and eliminate downtime before they are ramped up. This can save a lot of time for the IT and HR team, allowing them to focus on other things.  


faster when automating all steps and communications of the new employee onboarding process


increase in retention rate for employees that onboarded through an automated process versus those that didn’t.


of employees that feel that they had a poor onboarding experience resign within their first 45 days on the job.

Case Studies

Discover how RunMyProcess DigitalSuite has helped streamline and automate HR processes for business around the world!

Accelerating the hiring process of new employees

A French gardening retailer switches to a cloud-based hiring workflow, giving the process more transparency and reducing legal risk.

Reducing time to onboard new team members

New Employee Onboarding application helps major Australian financial services company to simplify, streamline, and automate this critical function.

Four professionals collaborating over a laptop by the corner of a table with two lights above and a blurred woman walking past the table and a horizontal graphic below

Connecting global employees with digital resources

Major environmental solutions group successfully achieves secure and real-time management of its employee’s digital identities.

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Akorbi Digital RunMyProcess is a 100% cloud-based Business Process Automation platform that uses low-code to quickly deliver workflows and processes, reducing turnaround time to a matter of days. The platform has
more than 2,400 connectors, providing integration with a wide range of applications such as SAP, ServiceNow, Oracle, Salesforce, home-grown custom applications, as well as full integration with Google Workspace, to
create endless possibilities of highly customizable automated processes. It leverages an easy-to-use drag-and-drop design to quickly build and deploy automated processes, helping to eliminate human-prone errors from processes that are done manually.

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Onboard faster and more efficiently.

Automating the onboarding process is a great way to do just that. It can reduce the time it takes to get your new hires up and running, eliminate downtime before they are ramped up, and save a lot of time for the IT and HR team. It also ensures that all paperwork is completed in an orderly fashion and all departments are kept up-to-date. With automated onboarding, your new hires will have the right information, access to the right applications, and be set up with all their necessary accounts on day one. So if you want to give your new hires the best start to their employment, consider automating onboarding today.