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RunMyProcess Solutions for Human Resource Professionals

RunMyProcess Digital Suite offers many functionalities and business process automation workflows that can help HR professionals save time and effort. Whether it be automating the onboarding of new employees, sending alerts when employees complete mandatory trainings, developing an automated system to keep track of time sheets, as well as many more possibilities, RunMyProcess can offer a solution.

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 Benefits of using RunMyProcess for Human Resources

  • Freeing up time with not having to handle repetitive, manual tasks
  • Less risk from mistakes due to human-prone errors when manually entering numbers
  • Improved employee experiences through more seamless processes, overall resulting in less turnover
  • Ability to access HR data and requests anytime, anywhere
  • Securing sensitive data
  • Reducing legal risks by having compliance checks automatically
  • Access to automated reports to help make more informed, insightful decisions

Case Studies

Discover how RunMyProcess DigitalSuite has helped streamline and automate HR processes for business around the world!

Accelerating the hiring process of new employees

A French gardening retailer switches to a cloud-based hiring workflow, giving the process more transparency and reducing legal risk.

Reducing time to onboard new team members

New Employee Onboarding application helps major Australian financial services company to simplify, streamline, and automate this critical function.

Four professionals collaborating over a laptop by the corner of a table with two lights above and a blurred woman walking past the table and a horizontal graphic below

Connecting global employees with digital resources

Major environmental solutions group successfully achieves secure and real-time management of its employee’s digital identities.