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    Business Acumen Breakfast Workshop on 2 August in Melbourne

    Posted on 1st July 2019
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    Do your key employees and decision-makers struggle in making the right decisions that impact your P&L?
    Do most people have a basic understanding, supported by effective systems to control and manage the flow of cash?
    Do they realise how everyday business activities affect the bottom-line (net profit) as well as the top-line (revenue growth)?

    Across many organisations in various industries we have seen significant and avoidable financial losses which may have been caused by poor decision-making particularly in sales and operations, lack of understanding and awareness of how finances work, or ineffective control and management of business systems.

    Do not miss our very first Business Acumen Breakfast Workshop on 2 August 2019 in Melbourne, Australia!

    Join us at the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club from 7:30am to 10:00am.

    We are proud to partner up with Gagement, a consulting group, to bring valuable knowledge and have insightful discussions about transforming your business.

    Alfred Ablaza, Head of Gagement and Lean Six Sigma expert explains: “We have noticed that many organisations found their employees lacking business acumen and financial literacy which led their organization to inadequate decision making and lack of business process efficiencies.”

    During the event we will facilitate a two-hour workshop through a game simulation. The aim of this workshop is to be educational, give practical references, and enhance engagement. Not like an accounting lecture!

    The Workshop Programme

    • A breakfast buffet
    • A 2-hour educational workshop with a business simulation game
    • Networking opportunities

    We have designed this event to be the most valuable to the leaders of the manufacturing and retail industries.

    During the session we will break down the group into smaller teams and facilitate a very proven educational game simulation called Zodiak®. This game simulation is a great way to illustrate real life scenarios of day-to-day operations that impact the business and its financials.

    You can walk away from this workshop realising and recognising some of the operational activities at your company that result in financial problems such as:

    • Excessive inventory (e.g. purchased in bulk due to price break) which ties up working capital and space
    • Labour inefficiencies and management (e.g. spending overtime vs contract labour)
    • Unpaid invoices from your customers therefore not converting into cash or later resulting in bad debt that is written-off
    • Incorrect pricing, unnecessary discounts, unwarranted SG&A expenses

    4 Benefits of Attending This Session

    Are you looking for another reason to attend? Here is what you can expect to take away from the workshop:

    • Be inspired and develop your business and leadership skills
    • Reflect on your business and how to better align your strategic goals
    • Network with peers from the Manufacturing and Retail Industry
    • Connect with our business automation team

    Would like to attend?

    Reach out to our team in Melbourne by contacting Max Moriceau to find out if seats are still available: mmoriceau@runmyprocess.com, +61 439 255 347

    More on the Gagement – Fujitsu RunMyProcess Partnership

    We are partnering with Gagement to help organisations achieve better, faster, and more cost effective business processes.

    As Max Moriceau, Head of RunMyProcess Oceania explains: “Gagement is a consulting organisation that specialises in operational performance and processes across businesses through coaching, consulting, training, and cultural change. Partnering with Gagement was a very natural move for Fujitsu RunMyProcess who offers the technology, automation, and digital capabilities to allow our customers to act by transforming their organisation and achieve more efficiency. We hope to bring Gagement’s expertise to our customers by adding value to their RunMyProcess experience.”


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