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    New WebModeler Simplifies and Accelerates RunMyProcess

    Posted on 25th July 2019
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    We are proud to announce the new WebModeler for our high-productivity cloud platform, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite!

    The new WebModeler:

    • Speeds up and simplifies the development of digital transformation projects
    • Delivers a new, improved user experience with streamlined features, helping reduce the time to complete and deliver solutions
    • Offers new capabilities, including easy-to-use drag-and-drop features and the ability to preview web interfaces prior to deployment, enabling easier test and verification of web interfaces before release

    WebModeler allows enterprises to craft RunMyProcess applications faster and create better, more effective user interfaces. It simplifies and accelerates the design of web interfaces and delivers a new, powerful, uprated experience for RunMyProcess DigitalSuite users, with a clean and fresh, user-tested interface and drag-and-drop functionality. Developers can also test and verify web interfaces before release via a new preview mode, plus new features for developing and deploying digital transformation projects.

    For RunMyProcess DigitalSuite developers, the introduction of WebModeler boosts productivity by reducing the time to complete a solution. This higher productivity also means reduced development costs with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, meaning that customers can compete more effectively and adapt faster to the fast-changing demands of digital business.

    You can’t wait to learn more about the new WebModeler?

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