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    Going large at NRF 2017

    Posted on 11th January 2017
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    First show of 2017? Retail’s BIG Show, NRF.

    We like to start the new year with a big bang!

    We are excited to a part of the huge NRF show on January 15-17, 2017 at the Javits Center in NYC.

    As a platform for connecting people, processes and devices across the whole digital landscape we love to work with retailers!

    Why not take the opportunity to see the latest and chat with one of our awesome digital problem solvers?

    Swing by booth #3905 and let Nico show you our awesome demo!

    We have some high profile retail clients who are using our platform to do amazing things.  Let us show you how our fast digital platform can transform your speed and efficiency in 2017.  Ask any questions you may have to Nico Triballier – one of our expert digital problem solvers.  Why not make his day and pre-arrange a meeting at ntriballier@us.fujitsu.com.

    Come over to booth #3905 and let Nick help you with your digital problems!

    Simply curious about the huge range of ways RunMyProcess can benefit your company and make you look like a retail rock star? Stop by and chat with Nick Leyton – he loves to share the benefits we’ve delivered to people just like you across the retail space. Even better why not contact him to pre-arrange a meeting at nleyton@us.fujitsu.com?

    Not sure you can stop by?

    Visit us at www.runmyprocess.com and see how we can help you deliver lean digital processes.

    Happy Retailing!


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