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    Problems Solved:
    SAP Integration

    • Create processes to replace email and excel-based workarounds
    • Automate typical ‘pre-SAP’ approval and validation processes
    • Quickly integrate SAP data and actions into the wider enterprise

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    Build applications that seamlessly integrate SAP within fast, end-to-end digital processes.

    SAP’s ability to standardize a range of shared business functions has made it a critical component of many enterprises’ back office operations – but today’s digital processes require SAP to be enhanced with new, faster moving and more customizable digital workflows that integrate people, systems and devices from end-to-end.

    The Problem

    In today’s increasingly digital world, enterprise systems need to be widely available, fast to customize and easy to integrate with the wider processes of the organization alongside cloud services like office 365 or Salesforce.

    While SAP provides valuable structure to many key enterprise functions its cost and packaged nature makes it expensive to roll out, integrate and customize – undermining its ability to satisfy fast moving business specific requirements. These issues frequently result in many inefficient ‘pre-SAP’ manual processes that use emails, excel templates or paper forms to limit license or integration costs before finally being re-keyed by a licensed SAP user.

    Without the ability to quickly implement and evolve processes that integrate data and actions from SAP, therefore, the application can often become an expensive and isolated silo – slowing down business change, forcing workarounds and blocking the end-to-end process integration necessary for successful digital transformation.

    The Solution

    Seamless integration with your ERP

    RunMyProcess overcomes these problems by making it easy for IT departments to quickly build applications and processes which integrate SAP data and actions into the wider activities and systems of the company.


    RunMyProcess - Overview of SAP Integration with other systems


    By using our sophisticated application development, process management and integration capabilities, you can quickly replace email and excel-based workarounds with automated processes that integrate SAP within fast, efficient and fully connected digital flows. Our standard connectors make it simple to integrate SAP with a broad range of people, systems and devices – including SaaS services like Office 365, on-premise systems like Oracle and smart sensors for e.g. retail or manufacturing – and then deliver the solution to any device.

    Unify the digital experience

    Unify the digital experience

    RunMyProcess applications are automatically available on all devices, allowing you to take SAP data beyond the four walls of the enterprise and empower sales, engineering or other field workers with new mobile apps that put SAP data and actions in the palm of their hands. Backed by optimised processes that integrate SAP data alongside information from your other systems, it results in a more contextually aware user experience that maximises the productivity of your employees.

    Connect the digital supply chain

    Connect the digital supply chain

    RunMyProcess provides sophisticated process management capabilities and an extensive library of integration connectors, making it easy to automate manual workflows and build end-to-end digital processes that integrate SAP with cloud, social and on-premise resources. This seamless integration enables you to reduce re-keying, eliminate errors and automate unnecessary manual tasks - streamlining end-to-end operations and ensuring consistency of data across the board.

    Deliver at digital speed and scale

    Deliver at digital speed and scale

    RunMyProcess enables you to build, deploy and run complex applications at a much faster pace, freeing you to continually deliver new digital systems that integrate SAP while avoiding the significant costs and delays of customization. By combining powerful drag and drop tooling, end-to-end lifecycle management and easy to configure SAP integration, RunMyProcess gets enhanced SAP functionality into the hands of users at a fundamentally faster pace.

    Empower digital innovation

    Empower digital innovation

    RunMyProcess offers an additional development environment that makes it easy for almost anyone to quickly create simple forms and workflows that eliminate inefficient and error prone email and excel-based workarounds. Using a highly intuitive drag-and-drop environment, business and IT colleagues can quickly automate typical 'pre-SAP' approval and validation processes - unlocking immediate efficiencies while paving the way for deeper SAP integration.

    See how Fater accelerated investment decisions by integrating SAP with the cloud.

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