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    Problems Solved:
    Cloud Cost Management

    • Automatically collect cost data directly from any cloud provider
    • Control budgets with rules, thresholds and alerting
    • Reduce costs by identifying and eliminating unused resources

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    Accelerate digital transformation with dynamic optimization of your hybrid IT costs

    Cloud services – from IaaS to SaaS – offer huge opportunities to transform the speed, efficiency and operating costs of a business. But forecasting and controlling cloud costs from multiple providers can quickly become an unmanageable headache that delays – or even completely blocks – successful innovation.

    By using our unique cloud based platform you can quickly:

    • Gain a 360 view of cloud costs via consolidated dashboards
    • Automatically collect cost data directly from any cloud provider
    • Easily allocate costs to different projects and lines of business
    • Control budgets with rules, thresholds and alerting
    • Reduce costs by identifying and eliminating unused resources
    • Simulate costs across multiple providers to save money

    The Problem

    As businesses accelerate their pace of digitization the number and variety of cloud services they use rapidly increases, with both the business and IT keen to use new digital services to innovate more quickly.

    But while business innovation relies on the rapid adoption of cloud solutions, the variety of cost models used by providers frequently undermines established management practices – making it ever more challenging to forecast budgets, track costs and ensure continuity of service. These problems frequently result in procurement issues that block cloud usage or trigger unsanctioned “shadow IT” spend that can quickly spiral out of control.

    Without the ability to easily forecast and manage a 360 degree view of their cloud costs, therefore, organizations often find cloud adoption impractical – blocking innovation, slowing down business change and forcing the use of slow, high cost traditional products and services that put the organization’s digital future at risk.


    The Solution

    An integrated financial view of your hybrid IT portfolio

    Our unique technology platform overcomes these problems by enabling the creation of custom dashboards that visualize cost data from multiple cloud services – providing a full 360 degree view for forecasting and managing your costs.


    RunMyProcess - Overview of managing costs from multiple cloud services


    By using our out-of-the-box adapters for popular cloud services, people at all levels of your organization can quickly overcome uncertainty and create transparent, consolidated views of their total cloud costs. Our complex visualization and drill-down capabilities make it easy to forecast exposure and gain insight into real-time operational costs, while our automated cost allocation capabilities allow you to charge different teams based on their actual usage – creating a transparent culture that unlocks the financial barriers to digital innovation.

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    Unify the digital experience

    Unify the digital experience

    RunMyProcess offers easy to use tools that enable you to quickly configure sophisticated dashboards that combine data from multiple cloud accounts, automatically allocate costs and create a unified view of the overall cloud spend of your organization. By using a library of out-of-the-box widgets and a simple drag-and-drop designer you can quickly create multiple views of your cost data to gain financial transparency into the way that your business uses hybrid IT.

    Connect the digital supply chain

    Connect the digital supply chain

    RunMyProcess provides out-of-the-box adapters for the most popular public and private cloud environments - e.g. Amazon, Google, Microsoft or OpenStack - making it easy to quickly consolidate data from across your hybrid IT estate. This seamless integration enables you to easily aggregate financial information without the complexities of manually extracting and consolidating different cost models - streamlining financial operations and ensuring data consistency.

    Deliver at digital speed and scale

    Deliver at digital speed and scale

    RunMyProcess accelerates digital change by removing the procurement uncertainties that frequently block cloud-based innovation projects. By combining powerful tools for forecasting, cost tracking, automated threshold management and budget caps, RunMyProcess helps you get innovation projects off the ground at a fundamentally faster pace - removing financial risks so you can focus on accelerating the roll out new digital services ahead of your competitors.

    Empower digital innovation

    Empower digital innovation

    RunMyProcess empowers everyone in the business to take control of their spend, driving a new intrapreneurial culture where everyone can use financial data to support innovation proposals and drive continuous improvement of the organization's cost structure. Using easy to configure hierarchical models you can create organizational units, projects, roles and budgets that securely segment financial data and allow people to only explore the data that is relevant to them.

    See how Fujitsu EST reduced its IT costs by 20% by empowering staff with cloud cost management.

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