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    Problems Solved:
    IoT Integration

    Automate edge to enterprise and simplify the management of your business by integrating legacy infrastructure, equipment, and devices with your enterprise systems and processes.

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    Your Challenges

    Businesses today require solutions that fully leverage all critical data points to improve the ecosystem in which they are operating. They need to know at any time where all their assets and people are deployed and what functions they are carrying out.

    Providing such edge data across disparate systems and business units can be a daunting challenge. Correctly implemented, however, it can increase a company’s efficiency, productivity, and overall market performance.

    Without the ability to seamlessly integrate edge data and output with business processes and enterprise applications (legacy and new), the data – though valuable – may become isolated in silos, limiting its potential value of transforming the wider operations of the organization.

    Our Solutions

    RunMyProcess overcomes these problems by making it easy for IT departments to quickly ingest edge data in their enterprise applications and processes, with an immediate positive impact to the business bottom line.


    For the integration and automation of IoT edge to enterprise, we have partnered with IoT.nxt, a Vodafone affiliate company providing edge, core, and virtual solutions. IoT.nxt uses data and outputs from various devices, ranging from legacy equipment to the latest smart sensors which most enterprises deploy in combination, to deliver a clear overview of the entire enterprise, without ever disrupting operations.

    With RunMyProcess, the IoT edge data provided by IoT.nxt can be seamlessly integrated with wider processes, cloud services, and on-premise enterprise applications, making its impact even more transformational. By using the advanced application development and process management capabilities of RunMyProcess, you can create efficient end-to-end digital solutions that maximize the value of the IoT edge data. With its multitude of standard connectors, RunMyProcess allows you to easily integrate IoT edge data with a broad range of people, systems, and devices, including SaaS services like Office 365, on-premise enterprise systems like SAP, and other bespoke and legacy applications.

    Your Benefits

    RunMyProcess provides you with seamless integration from edge to enterprise, allowing you to:

    • Utilize IoT contextual data in a variety of cloud, social, and on-premise systems
    • Incorporate business areas not digitized or correlated before
    • Understand and employ IoT data orchestration outputs much faster
    • Create a more responsive and data driven organization
    • Provide a unified and context-aware user experience across devices
    • Improve the ecosystem of your business by leveraging IoT edge data


    At Fujitsu RunMyProcess, we are fully committed to our customers’ business innovation, with a co-creation approach, from concept to delivery. We partner with you to produce fully-customized, scalable, mobile-ready solutions, from basic integration to full application development, based on whatever you need to advance your business processes.

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