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    Problems Solved:
    IBM Notes Replacement

    • Unlock migration to Office 365 or Google Apps
    • Quickly build cloud workflows to replace Notes applications
    • Maximize productivity with device-independent apps

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    Quickly replace IBM Notes applications to unlock migration to Office 365 or Google Apps.

    Migrating from IBM Notes to cloud-based alternatives like Office 365 or Google Apps is a great way to increase the mobility, speed and convenience of business operations.  But many Notes customers have hundreds – or even thousands – of critical Notes-based applications that prevent decommissioning and block an easy exit.

    The Problem

    As a result of its age, cost and inflexibility, many organizations are now seeking to migrate away from IBM Notes in favour of cloud-based productivity suites such as Google Apps or Office 365.

    But IBM Notes is not just an email and productivity suite – it also includes an application development tool for creating workflows that automate tasks within the Notes environment. While solutions such as Office 365 and Google Apps provide a great alternative to the core productivity features of Notes, they lack an easy way to replace the hundreds or even thousands of simple Notes-based workflows that underpin many business functions.

    Since redeveloping the applications is cost prohibitive with traditional methods  – and ‘modernization’ tools often generate opaque and unsupportable applications that are a poor foundation for future growth – this gap in capability can often prevent final decommissioning or even completely block migration.

    The Solution

    Quickly replace Notes applications with new cloud workflows

    RunMyProcess makes it easy to quickly replace Notes applications and workflows with modern, cloud based alternatives which provide full integration and automation of Office 365 or Google Apps.


    RunMyProcess -Overview of IBM Notes Replacement with cloud based alternatives


    By using our rapid application development platform and out-of-the-box connectors for Office 365 and Google Apps you can quickly build device-independent cloud workflows that replace Notes-base applications – unlocking migration and enabling your Notes platform to be fully decommissioned. Our forms, workflow and integration capabilities make it simple to automate tasks across Office 365 and Google Apps – but also go beyond simple automation to enable integration with hundreds of other on-premise and cloud systems and devices.

    Unify the digital experience

    Unify the digital experience

    Replacing Notes applications with new RunMyProcess solutions makes them automatically available on all devices, opening up business workflows for use beyond the traditional office PC and enabling staff to participate in processes from anywhere. In addition our Enterprise Process Store provides a single location to access applications and a consolidated view of tasks across all workflows - helping to maximise productivity.

    Connect the digital supply chain

    Connect the digital supply chain

    RunMyProcess provides process management and an extensive library of integration connectors for Office 365 and Google Apps - making it simple to quickly replace Notes powered workflows with equivalents that integrate cloud email, calendars and docs. RunMyProcess goes far beyond Office 365 and Google Apps, however, offering an extensive library of connectors for many other cloud, social and on-premise systems and devices.

    Deliver at digital speed and scale

    Deliver at digital speed and scale

    RunMyProcess enables you to quickly replace Notes applications in the cloud, providing a drag-and-drop development environment, easy deployment and worry-free operations. By integrating all of the technical and operational capabilities needed to build, run and deploy Notes replacement applications in the cloud we remove the technical, operational and financial barriers to a successful migration.

    Empower digital innovation

    Empower digital innovation

    RunMyProcess offers an additional development environment that makes it easy for business users to prototype new Notes replacement workflows themselves, significantly reducing the timescales and costs of replacement. By empowering business colleagues to set up and test the forms and workflows they need - with or without IT support - RunMyProcess enables IT to focus on approval, integration and roll out.

    See how medical equipment manufacturer Welch Allyn used RunMyProcess to replace outdated but critical notes applications.

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