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    Meet the increasingly complex challenges in your financial, legal, and administration departments

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    Your Challenges

    Of course, your finance, legal, and administration departments have modern and fully digitized systems specialized for financial reporting, contracts, purchase orders, invoices, or legal procedures.

    But can these systems talk to each other? Are they integrated in automated processes and workflows that prevent human errors? Are they ready to ensure consistent reporting and complete recording of all business transactions in the ever increasing interactions of global corporations?

    Our Solutions

    RunMyProcess helps you take on these challenges and achieve seamless and intelligent integration and automation of your financial, legal, and administration processes for optimum efficiency, transparency, and compliance.

    Learn about our solutions for:

    Invoice & Payment Processing

    Invoice & Payment Processing

    Invoices and payments are typically processed by central accounting departments. However, particularly in big companies, many steps, people, departments, and systems may be involved before the accountants obtain all the information and approvals required to complete the process.

    The less the steps are automated and the less the people and systems are connected, the more time is needed and the more problems may occur, for example, because invoice or payment information is missing or contradictory or the status of the process is unclear.

    Invoice & Payment Processing with RunMyProcess

    RunMyProcess helps you solve these problems. On our digital business platform, you can quickly and easily implement an end-to-end solution that automates this finance process and seamlessly connects the people, departments, and systems involved.

    The application can gather all the relevant invoice and payment information and route it to the appropriate persons and systems for processing and approval. All the people involved have immediate access to the relevant information and to the status of the process.

    Look into a concrete case at K2M


    Contract Management

    Contract Management

    In their daily business, companies have to deal with a variety of contracts, ranging from supplier and employee contracts to purchase and lease agreements. As a contract is drafted and sent back and forth between the participating parties for review and approval until it is finally signed and archived, many problems may arise.

    For example, different versions of the contract and associated files may exist in different systems and in personal folders of the people involved, making control and retrieval difficult and time-consuming. Existing systems for the administration and processing of specific information related to a contract, such as employee or supplier data, often cannot be extended for additional requirements or integrated with other systems for a controlled and end-to-end process that meets the security and legal standards of contract management.

    Contract Management with RunMyProcess

    RunMyProcess helps you solve these problems. On our digital business platform, you can quickly and easily implement an end-to-end solution that automates and optimizes the contract management processes and seamlessly connects the people, departments, and systems involved.

    The application can gather the contract information from different interfaces and systems and route it to the appropriate persons and departments for processing, review, and approval, avoiding duplication of documents and confusion. Access control and security mechanisms ensure that each person can only see the data he or she is entitled to.

    Additional features can easily be included to support the process, such as timers to alert people to sign their contracts in time, scanners and printer interfaces for legally required hard copies, or recording options to support later evaluation and auditing. By means of connectors, the contract management can quickly be linked to other processes and systems, for example, for accounting, billing, and payment processing.

    Look into a concrete case at Itaú Cultural


    Budget Control

    Budget Control

    Even as companies today usually follow strict regulations and procedures of financial controlling, there are sometimes astounding gaps when it comes to the allocation and monitoring of budgets. The allocation of budgets may not be accurate when quotes and contracts with estimated amounts need to be dealt with in addition to invoices with fixed sums. While accounting and payments are handled in dedicated and mature systems, budgets are managed manually in simple files and spreadsheets, which are sent back and forth between departments.

    This results in a variety of problems, from incomplete and incorrect data to missing consolidation, and in difficulties to track and monitor the data and the process.

    Budget Control with RunMyProcess

    RunMyProcess helps you solve these problems. On our digital business platform, you can quickly and easily design and implement a solution that fully automates the budget control process and avoids the errors resulting from manual steps.

    This starts with the collection of the required data from different sources ranging from simple accounting systems to complex ERP systems like SAP. It continues with the handling of budget requests, from entering the details to their validation and approval, with automated routing to and notification of the persons responsible for each step. After approval, the required amount can be automatically assigned to the request and subtracted from the budget of the responsible department or project.

    A variety of reports for different purposes allow all stakeholders at any time to obtain an immediate overview of current budget and expense situation, providing for a high degree of transparency and control.

    Look into a concrete case at CNIEL


    Expense Managament

    Expense Management

    Accounting departments of companies may encounter a variety of problems in tracking and controlling the expenses of their employees. Examples are costs spent on the fly across departments and projects for different cloud services, or expenses by employees who work a lot in the field and do not return to the company very often to report their travel and hospitality costs.

    The problems range from the simple fact that the employees do not have the forms for recording their costs at hand, to the missing connection and integration of all the systems, people, and departments involved for spending, approving, reporting, and controlling the costs.

    Expense Management with RunMyProcess

    RunMyProcess helps you solve these problems. On our digital business platform, you can quickly and easily implement an end-to-end software-based solution that seamlessly connects the people, departments, and systems involved.

    The employees can record their expenses on mobile or desktop devices, no matter when and where they are. The data is automatically routed to the appropriate persons, projects, and departments for approval and further processing, for example, in ERP systems such as SAP, accounting, or salary payment systems.

    Automated finance processes and solutions like this save a lot of time and effort for the employees and the accounting departments, provide immediate and up-to-date information on the costs, and allow for quickly reimbursing the employees for their expenses.

    Look into a concrete case at Châteauform


    And more...

    And more…

    RunMyProcess helps you create solutions for many more problems in the finance, legal, and administration areas, from the management of investments, through financial reporting to controlling and accounting.

    Our digital business platform in the cloud makes it easy to digitize and automate recurring activities, connect the people and systems involved, avoid redundancies, and provide for optimum performance and transparency of your financial, legal, and administrative processes.


     RunMyProcess - Overview of Business integration for Finance and Admin

    Our advanced process management and integration capabilities allow you to quickly deliver thorough automation and consistent recording of your business transactions, for example, for financial reporting or contract management. You can easily design and implement end-to-end digital solutions that prevent human errors and involve internal as well as external people, departments, and systems for a seamless and complete process fulfillment.

    Our standard connectors make it simple to connect people and a broad range of systems and devices – including SaaS services like Microsoft Office 365 or Salesforce and on-premise systems like SAP.

    Our platform’s intuitive user interface enables you to quickly and easily design and implement a solution that perfectly fits your needs. With low effort and code, you can develop apps and interfaces for users to interact on the devices of their choice, desktop or mobile. Designed for high scalability, our platform is the perfect choice not only for your processes today, but also will have you ready to adapt quickly to market or business changes in the future.


    Your Benefits

    RunMyProcess supports you in the digital transformation of your financial, legal, and administration departments, allowing you to:

    • Guarantee full legal compliance and audit capabilities
    • Eliminate human error and simplify procedures
    • Provide complete documentation of financial transactions
    • Maintain security and avoid loss of transactions
    • Ensure usability and interoperability with third-party systems like SAP
    • Enforce strict operating procedures involving multiple approvals

    We really appreciate the adaptability of this application. We don’t have to work around it – it adapts to our exact needs.

    – Fabienne Lepers, project manager, Maison Du Lait Services, CNIEL

    Our Case Studies

    You are not alone. We could already help many customers solve problems in finance, legal, and administration activities. Look into some of these cases:


    Let’s get together and talk about your unique challenges – we’re friendly, approachable and love to work with other people to quickly solve digital problems using our innovative technology.

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