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    Problems Solved:
    Digital Business Automation

    • Automate digital processes in sales, servicing, HR, finance, etc.
    • Mobilize automated processes to transform productivity
    • Instantly deploy automation at global scale using our cloud

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    Create a fast, business-driven transformation using proven digital business automation.

    Digital business automation is creating huge opportunities to transform experiences, increase productivity and unlock operational efficiencies across every business department – but unlike previous waves of automation the goal is not simply to add digital technologies to existing processes but rather use them to transform the way work is done.

    By using our unique cloud based platform you can quickly:

    • Automate digital processes spanning the whole business
    • Streamline sales, servicing, HR, finance, etc through automation
    • Easily integrate data from systems like Office, CRM, ERP, …
    • Mobilize digital processes to transform productivity
    • Instantly deploy automation at global scale using our cloud
    • Eliminate the high costs of hardware, software and operations

    The Problem

    In today’s increasingly digital world, businesses can leverage an ever expanding pool of people, systems and devices to automate processes and transform the way in which their business works.

    But many organizations continue to suffer from outdated processes that lack effective integration and traceability across business and IT silos – forcing them to rely on inefficient manual and paper-based tasks to operate.  Worse still these issues are increasingly becoming a blocker to transformation, as requirements for digital engagement, consistency of outcome and real time results cannot be satisfied using fragmented processes and data.

    Without the ability to quickly automate processes that connect silos and bring people, systems and things together across the extended enterprise, therefore, organizations become stuck with expensive and fragmented operations – blocking the end-to-end process integration necessary for successful digital transformation.

    The Solution

    Fast Digital Business Automation for the Enterprise

    RunMyProcess overcomes these problems by giving you a complete platform for digital business automation, making it easy to deliver new digital processes that connect people, systems and things from end-to-end.

    RunMyProcess - Overview of process management and integration capabilities for Digital Business Automation

    By using our sophisticated application development, process management and integration capabilities, you can quickly deliver powerful business automation that connects people, software and devices within fast, efficient and fully connected digital flows. Our standard connectors make it simple to connect a broad range of people, systems and devices – including SaaS services like Office 365, on-premise systems like Oracle and smart sensors for e.g. retail or manufacturing – before delivering the results to any device.

    Unify the digital experience

    Unify the digital experience

    RunMyProcess applications are automatically available on all devices, allowing you to extend business automation beyond the enterprise and empower people with new mobile apps that put data and actions in the palm of their hands. Coupled with end-to-end process integration across IT and business resources, it delivers automation fueled user experiences that maximize productivity for your users.

    Connect the digital supply chain

    Connect the digital supply chain

    RunMyProcess provides sophisticated process management capabilities and an extensive library of integration connectors, making it easy to automate digital processes that connect cloud, social and on-premise resources. This seamless integration enables you to reduce re-keying, eliminate errors and automate unnecessary manual tasks - streamlining end-to-end operations in support of new digital experiences.

    Deliver at digital speed and scale

    Deliver at digital speed and scale

    RunMyProcess enables you to build, deploy and run complex business automation at a much faster pace, bringing powerful automation to every corner of the enterprise. By combining drag and drop tooling, end-to-end lifecycle management, easy integration and one-click cloud deployment, RunMyProcess enables you to deliver integrated digital business automation at a fundamentally faster pace.

    Empower digital innovation

    Empower digital innovation

    RunMyProcess offers an additional development environment that enables almost anyone to quickly automate inefficient and error prone manual tasks. Using a highly intuitive drag-and-drop environment, business and IT colleagues can quickly automate simple processes at the edge of the organization - unlocking immediate efficiencies while paving the way for deeper integration and transformation.

    See how we helped a digital content studio increase turnover by 600%.

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