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    Problems Solved:
    Workflow Management

    Transform your business and improve operations with automated workflows developed and managed in the cloud.

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    Your Challenges

    In today’s increasingly digital world, you can leverage an ever expanding pool of people and systems to streamline, automate, and manage your workflows and transform the way your business operates.

    However, many organizations continue to rely on workflow technology from a previous era, where complex on-premise BPM and workflow management products were used to deliver internal process improvements. These products and technologies have always been expensive to buy, slow to deploy, and IT intensive to operate and manage. While they helped bring control to large-scale back office activities, they fail to provide fast, lightweight automation, delivery, and integration capabilities. These are needed to support dynamic digital workflows in every area of your business.

    Without the ability to easily and quickly automate and deploy workflows across your entire organization, however, you cannot digitize your operations. You cannot ensure that every area of your business benefits from the speed, control, and quality improvements that workflow management technology provides.

    Our Solutions

    RunMyProcess provides you with lightweight, enterprise-scale workflow management and automation in the cloud. We make it easy to quickly deliver efficient and flexible workflows for every single part of your business as well as the complete supply chain.

    Learn about our solutions for:

    CRM/ERP Integration

    CRM/ERP Integration

    Today, companies typically use modern and fully digitized systems for their customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). In CRM, cloud systems like Salesforce are widely used because they are easy to roll out and entry costs are low. ERP systems like SAP, on the other hand, usually run on-premise and have been implemented and customized over a long time.

    While CRM and ERP systems are suited perfectly to perform the tasks they have been designed for, they are most often separated from each other, forming data and application silos of their own. The systems are not integrated with each other for different reasons like high costs, missing flexibility and integration capabilities, or lack of time and resource. Thus, the same or similar information, such as customer or product data, is duplicated in CRM and ERP. Manual processes involving different people and using media like emails, spreadsheets, or even paper forms are in place to exchange information between the systems. Duplication of data, errors, waste of time and resources are the result.

    CRM/ERP Integration with RunMyProcess

    RunMyProcess helps you solve these problems. On our digital business platform, you can quickly and easily implement automated workflows, which integrate your CRM and ERP systems with each other as well as with other systems in your company. The workflow management capabilities of RunMyProcess and a variety of standard connectors make it simple to retrieve information from systems such as Salesforce or SAP, and route it seamlessly to other systems, applications, people, and devices.

    In no time, you can link your existing processes and workflows in end-to-end solutions. Such a solution can range, for example, from the entry of customer orders in Salesforce through the registration and management of required investments and resources in SAP to billing and payment processing by means of a cloud service provider. Users can manage the workflows and interact with them from mobile and desktop devices, no matter where they are. End-to-end encryption and other security mechanisms ensure that your data is safe, independent on whether the participants in the automated workflows work in your company or in the cloud.

    Look into a concrete case at I Heart Studios


    IBM Notes Replacement

    IBM Notes Replacement

    As a result of its age, cost, and inflexibility, many organizations are now seeking to migrate away from IBM Notes in favor of cloud-based productivity suites such as Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365. However, IBM Notes is not just an email and productivity suite. It also includes tools for creating and managing workflows that automate tasks within the IBM Notes environment. While solutions such as Office 365 and Google Apps provide a great alternative to the core productivity features of IBM Notes, they lack an easy way to replace the hundreds or even thousands of simple Notes-based workflows that underpin many business functions. This gap in capability may prevent the migration away from IBM Notes.

    IBM Notes Replacement with RunMyProcess

    RunMyProcess helps you solve these problems. On our digital business platform, you can quickly and easily replace your IBM Notes applications and workflows with modern, cloud based alternatives. Even business users with no programming experience can prototype such workflows, significantly reducing the time and costs for the IBM Notes replacement.

    Our forms, workflow management, and integration capabilities make it simple to automate tasks across Office 365 and Google Apps. They enable integration with hundreds of other on-premise and cloud systems and devices, ranging from simple calendar tools through email and document management to CRM systems like Salesforce. The automated workflows managed with RunMyProcess are automatically available on mobile and desktop devices, enabling staff to participate in the processes from anywhere.

    Look into a concrete case at Welch Allyn


    Quality of Service

    Quality of Service

    The quality of service to your customers is the lifeline of your business. Customer support, incident management, preventive maintenance, and delivery of solutions to problems should be the best they can be. The people and systems involved should work together in optimized workflows to achieve fast and high-quality results for the customer.

    In reality, however, the participants in customer service processes are often not connected with each other in an optimum way. This may result in a variety of problems, for example: Service desk staff and domain experts work in different locations and with different systems. Tracking the status and transferring information related to incidents involves manual steps by phone and email and is error-prone and time-consuming. Field engineers doing preventive maintenance have no immediate access to supporting documents or digital systems for identifying and recording problems. Much effort and time is spent before all the information required for the maintenance crew is finally put together. People and departments who could assist in solving a customer problem are not included in the standard workflows and thus not contacted and involved at all.

    All this results in disappointments for the customers and may even cause penalties for not meeting service level agreements.

    Quality of Service with RunMyProcess

    RunMyProcess helps you solve these problems. RunMyProcess gives you the tooling and know-how to flexibly link all the people, systems, and things involved in customer service into automated and manageable digital workflows. On our digital business platform, you can seamlessly connect incident management and service systems like ServiceNow with a variety of other systems, from document management to ERP systems like SAP. You can design, build, test, and run end-to-end workflows that automate the steps from the entry of a customer incident through the collection of all the required information to the implementation and delivery of the solution for the customer.

    People can interact with such workflows from desktop and or mobile devices, no matter where they are. For example, your field engineers on-site can immediately obtain all the information related to the goods they are examining. They can enter and forward their findings without delay to the maintenance crews, including data such as scanned bar codes or photographs.

    Workflow management and automation with RunMyProcess helps you reduce errors and save time in all your support processes and thus increase your quality of service to your customers.

    Look into a concrete case at Berendsen Fluid Power


    And more...

    And more…

    RunMyProcess provides you with lightweight cloud-based workflow management and automation for your entire organization. Based on our digital business platform and using our sophisticated workflow management and integration capabilities, you can quickly deliver efficient and flexible workflows for every area of your business, including, for example, sales, marketing, finance, HR, and procurement.

    RunMyProcess - Overview of workflow management and integration capabilities for flexible Cloud workflows in all business areas

    Our standard connectors make it simple to connect your workflows with data from a broad range of systems – including SaaS services like Office 365, Salesforce, or ServiceNow, on-premise systems like Oracle or SAP, or even social services like Facebook or Google+.

    Workflows created and managed using RunMyProcess are automatically available on all devices, opening up business workflows for use beyond the traditional office PC and enabling staff to participate in processes from anywhere. Our Enterprise Process Store provides a single access point and a consolidated, personalized view of outstanding tasks across all workflows – helping to maximize productivity.

    By integrating all of the IT and operational capabilities needed to build, run, deploy, and manage workflows in the cloud we remove the technical and financial barriers to automating a wide range of business tasks across the organization. By empowering business users to set up and test the workflows they need – with or without IT support – RunMyProcess enables IT to focus on approval, integration and roll out.


    Your Benefits

    RunMyProcess supports workflow management across your entire organization, allowing you to:

    • Quickly automate important workflows across the whole business
    • Streamline outcomes in sales, servicing, HR, finance, etc.
    • Easily integrate data from systems like Office, CRM, ERP
    • Access workflows on mobile devices to increase productivity
    • Instantly deploy and run workflows in the cloud without delays
    • Eliminate the high costs of hardware, software and operations

    If we are not working to develop new and more efficient processes then we are not meeting the market’s requirements. One way of doing this is to implement systems such as the workflow engine provided by RunMyProcess.

    – Ben Johnson, General Manager, Berendsen Fluid Power

    Our Case Studies

    You are not alone. We could already help many customers solve problems in workflow automation and workflow management. Look into some of these cases:


    Let’s get together and talk about your unique challenges – we’re friendly, approachable and love to work with other people to quickly solve digital problems using our innovative technology.

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