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Worry free global operations

Business solutions now need to serve a much larger and more distributed group of people, systems and devices than ever before – increasing operational risks such as capacity shortages, organizational inefficiencies or application bottlenecks. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite makes life easier by removing unnecessary technology management and ensuring that business systems can run reliably at scale without intervention.

Use serverless architecture

Rely on the serverless architecture of our platform to automatically scale your solution in line with demand – enabling the rapid modelling, deployment and evolution of critical business solutions free from low level operational concerns.

Dump devops for no-ops

Free up development resources by embracing no-ops – leaving your developers free to ignore operational issues and work with business colleagues in embracing a fast and continual cycle of application delivery and evolution.

Get continual improvement for free

Leverage the ability of a shared, web scale platform to deliver ever improving functionality, security and operational excellence via a consolidated view of performance – with up to 50 updates and 5 major releases per year.

Deliver at global scale

Rely on multiple availability zones, stateless architectures and high levels of redundancy to make your applications available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – irrespective of the location of users, spikes in demand or necessary upgrades.

See RunMyProcess DigitalSuite in Action

Reducing staff expense admin effort
This international hospitality chain streamlined its expense management solution with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.
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Accelerated investment decisions by integrating SAP with the cloud
An investment management solution allowed the Italian company Fater to greatly accelerate the approval of new investment in equipment by providing seamless integration with SAP and G Suite.
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Conquer Business Challenges

Create unique business values from your mobile enterprise applications based on the low-code, cloud-native platform, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.