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    Secure from top to bottom

    Protecting enterprise systems and data from an increasingly wide range of threats – from individual hackers through to over-reaching government agencies – has become a major challenge of the connected era. RunMyProcess enables you to easily overcome these issues by providing a next generation platform with security at its core – from secure data centres and widespread use of encryption through to data segregation and secure enterprise mobility.


    Strong legal protection

    Operate under a world leading data protection regime to foster trust and build deeper long term relationships with customers and employees. By hosting your applications and data within the EU we help you offer the strongest possible privacy guarantees to your customers.

    Secure cloud data centres

    Our platform is hosted in leading cloud data centres which provide stringent controls over access for employees and contractors, automatic fire detection and suppression equipment and fully redundant electrical power systems with backup generators.

    Explicit data segregation

    RunMyProcess is a multi-tenant platform built from the ground up to keep customer data private within a shared technical and operational environment. Since all access is authenticated and authorized, customers cannot access resources that do not belong to them.

    End to end encryption

    From web and mobile apps through to cloud and internal systems all communications are secured using 128-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS). Data at rest - such as configuration or process data - is encrypted with customer-specific, asymmetric 256-bit keys.

    Sophisticated access control

    RunMyProcess supports multiple authentication schemes - such as password, OAuth2 and SAML - and also enables you to model complex organizational structures. Together these enable highly granular control over access to platform, application, process and task level resources.

    Secure enterprise integration

    Easily integrate new digital processes and apps with existing systems without the dangers of exposing them directly to the Web. The Secure Enterprise Connector enables encrypted communications between RunMyProcess and systems running in private data centres.


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