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    Integrate the Web of Everything

    Today’s digital processes quickly become unmanageable without integration, leaving people to struggle with multiple systems, inconsistent data and a lack of end to end process continuity. RunMyProcess makes it easy to build intelligent and adaptable processes that connect people, software and smart objects in real time, offering secure connectivity to existing enterprise systems together with a library of pre-built connectors for cloud, social and IoT services.


    Human-centric workflow

    Quickly integrate people into digital processes by using a powerful drag-and-drop editor coupled with inbuilt support for device-independent task distribution, management and escalation.

    Cloud integration

    Easily integrate information and actions from leading cloud and social applications such as Salesforce, Office 365, Netsuite or Twitter using a comprehensive library of pre-built connectors, enabling you to connect cloud and on-premise systems from end to end.

    On-premise integration

    Securely connect your RunMyProcess applications and processes to on-premise systems such as SAP and Oracle by using the Secure Enterprise Connector (SEC) to bridge public and private cloud environments.

    API Management

    Quickly create APIs and their implementation logic by using a powerful drag-and-drop editor for REST-based integration flows. Add non-functional behaviours such as security, aggregate multiple information sources or visually model the business logic behind your API.

    IoT integration

    Easily create processes that bridge the digital and physical worlds by using connectors for popular IoT standards such as MQTT and CoAP together with pre-built connectors for a range of popular devices.

    Enterprise directory integration

    Use existing enterprise directories such as LDAP, Active Directory or Google via SAML v2 and OAuth2 support for single sign on. Use integration connectors to import and synchronize organizational hierarchies and roles.


    Let’s get together and talk about your unique challenges – we’re friendly, approachable and love to work with other people to quickly solve digital problems using our innovative technology.

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