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    Create end to end business systems

    The complex business logic that drives today’s applications needs to be delivered faster, more scalably and with more connections than ever before.  RunMyProcess provides design and development tools that make it easy to quickly capture complex business logic by modelling it within sophisticated designers, removing the need to waste time and effort working with low level code and infrastructure.


    Model complex business logic

    Quickly create complex business logic by using a powerful drag-and-drop process editor supported by standard components for plugging people, systems and smart objects into the end-to-end workflow. Customize your process’s behaviour via properties and configuration

    Build (a)synchronous flows

    Choose short running, synchronous processes for automating business logic, managing data and dealing with integration or create long running, asynchronous business processes that manage workflows spanning people, software and devices over days, months or years

    Take control using code

    For more demanding requirements take deeper control over process steps by using code or data transformation tools to implement complex algorithms and behaviours in a totally custom manner.

    Use templates to go faster

    Get a head start by using the integrated library of code-snippets, process models and application templates designed by our team of experts, making it easy for you to accelerate delivery by customizing existing resources.


    Let’s get together and talk about your unique challenges – we’re friendly, approachable and love to work with other people to quickly solve digital problems using our innovative technology.

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