Create dynamic and agile data stores

Data models and practices are evolving at an unprecedented speed as more data-generating people, systems and things become connected. RunMyProcess enables you to easily create adaptable and scalable data stores based on fully managed MongoDB technology – ensuring your models can evolve at speed while keeping your data federated, fast to access and globally scalable.


Create unlimited collections

Dynamically create and manage MongoDB collections as part of your solution. Once done you can dynamically populate and evolve your databases by interacting with them from any asset you create within the platform.

Store and query objects

Directly store objects in their native data format to reduce data mapping errors when populating collections. Once done retrieve objects using dynamic document-based queries that match the expressive power of SQL

Constantly evolve data models

Easily evolve data models as each development iteration unearths new requirements - without the significant disruption and delays inherent in the restructuring of traditional relational databases.

Open up data

Collect data from any source via comprehensive data APIs which enable mobile devices, external systems or smart objects to directly query and store information within your RunMyProcess collections.

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