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Create an Enterprise Process Store

In today’s app-centric world the deployment of solutions is only the first step; you must also make it easy for people to find and use the applications you create. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite includes a convenient, out of the box “Enterprise Process Store” that is unique to your organization – enabling a single, device independent location where internal and external users can securely find and use all of the applications they need to interact with your business.

A front facing laptop displaying a portal homepage with small square icons for different functions and an Iphone in front of the latop displaying the same content in mobile form.

A single, device-independent point of entry

Utilize our built in Enterprise Process Store capability to provide a private and fully customizable “app store” to users. Automated publishing ensures that users can easily access the latest application versions from any location and device.

A secure and controlled environment

Leverage automatic, role-based application visibility to effortlessly provide a secure and highly personalized user experience. Easily manage the access policies for each application by enabling or disabling devices on a per-application basis.

Real time visibility of work

Put people rather than apps at the centre of the digital experience by allowing users to get a dynamic, at a glance view of all their ongoing interactions – backed up by integrated, real time notifications to ensure they never miss an update.

Make it your own

Create an Enterprise Process Store as unique as your organization by populating it with your own specific applications and processes. Quickly customize the look and feel of the store to match your brand, layout or icon styles.

See RunMyProcess DigitalSuite in Action

Accelerated investment decisions by integrating SAP with the cloud
An investment management solution allowed the Italian company Fater to greatly accelerate the approval of new investment in equipment by providing seamless integration with SAP and G Suite.
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Time savings through improved workflow efficiency
Increased visibility of invoice processes by building workflow applications that reduced manual tasks and improved productivity.
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Conquer Business Challenges

Create unique business values from your mobile enterprise applications based on the low-code, cloud-native platform, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.