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    Control access to connected systems

    Strong organizational control over access rights is becoming more important than ever as increasingly federated people and systems attempt to connect to enterprise applications and data. RunMyProcess enables you to easily model and control access rights necessary to secure applications and processes created on the platform – ensuring that data, functionality and APIs are always protected irrespective of who or what requires access.


    Model organizational hierarchies

    Model hierarchies that exactly describe the structure of a company and its subsidiaries. Create multi-faceted organizational models that also enable specific access rights to be extended to partners or clients.

    Create unlimited roles to control granularity

    Model precise roles to ensure that only the right people, systems and departments are able to undertake specific actions within applications. Easily map roles to organizational hierarchies to reflect the way that your business works.

    Dynamically allocate rights at runtime

    Dynamically assign access rights to people and systems for complex scenarios where static hierarchies cannot be established in advance. Use the results of business logic execution to make decisions on appropriate roles and allocate rights on the fly.

    Enterprise directory integration

    Use existing enterprise directories such as LDAP, Active Directory or Google via SAML v2 and OAuth2 support for single sign on. Use integration connectors to import and synchronize organizational hierarchies and roles.


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