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How to Integrate your CRM with other Systems and:

  • Improve overall organization in data between all systems with no data silos and all matching data
  • Boost productivity by streamlining processes from one system onto the next rather than manually exporting and importing information from one system onto the next
  • Improve lead generation by enhancing communication between sales and marketing and in between multiple platforms to maintain constant touch on sales prospects
  • Improved reporting in which trends can be pulled from all systems to help to make better informed business decisions

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Optimizing IT Service Requests with RMP

  • How to better utilize your ServiceNow platform with the use of RunMyProcess
  • Improve the efficiency of your workers by combining RunMyProcess and ServiceNow
  • Fully automate the management of services’ requests by associating RunMyProcess workflows capabilities with ServiceNow’s ticketing capabilities
  • Customize the user experience by taking advantage of the flexibility of RunMyProcess