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Plan the "Return to Office" Better

Ensure a safe return to the office for employees and meet flexible working requirements.

RunMyProcess’ Office Planner application overcomes the challenges that arise as your workforce returns to the office – from scheduling work days while taking office space into account, to recording attendance and registering visitors – all within a single app. Our automated end-to-end digital solution integrates into your existing IT system landscape and can be customized and expanded to meet your office’s individual requirements.

As we move through the COVID-19 Pandemic, you may be one of many companies asking their employees to return to the office. But how do you manage the safe return of employees under social distancing? Can contacts and possible contagions be reliably tracked? How can you manage office space effectively? Achieving a flexible, secure model of home office and office presence requires a smart, digital solution.

Start your journey to digital transformation and flexible workplace design.

As your employees return to the office, we know the general concerns you had Pre-Covid have changed dramatically as employees express safety concerns while demanding the flexibility they had when they worked from home. This means your processes and procedures need to be rewritten. And that means time and money.

Our mobile application takes into account your office space utilization, flexible new ways of working, and COVID-19 risks, adapts to your requirements, and is available anytime, from any device.

Built on our flexible, scalable application development platform, this intelligent solution enables you to connect systems, devices, and people involved in the back-to-office process.

We partner with you to design, develop, and operate your Office Planner application using low-code and cloud technology that is affordable.

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Conquer Your Business Challenges

Contact us to work with our team of experts to create your custom Office Planner solution based on our flexible and scalable low-code platform, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.

Enable a smooth and secure return to the office with a fully customized end-to-end solution in RunMyProcess DigitalSuite

From sophisticated integration capabilities to flexible cloud-based workflows, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite helps you lead your company to a safe, secure, and reliable digital future as everyone returns to the office.

The functions of our cost-effective Office Planner application can be individually extended and adjusted to your needs and the needs of your staff. Here you will find a selection of features that can be integrated into your unique solution:


With the Office Planner application, planning the return to the office becomes easy for you and your employees. The app takes into account the utilization of offices and rooms and ensures that the workstation and the appropriate equipment are provided – so that your employees are able to work from the office risk- and worry-free.


The app lets users check their own and others’ schedules to see who and how many people will be in the office on a given day. Depending on the office space utilization, employees can request a hot desk and book rooms. The booking is automatically logged in the system, is visible to other colleagues, and can be added to Outlook.

Intelligent Agent

When employees use the Office Planner application to plan their in-office workdays, the Intelligent Agent feature provides recommendations on when they should work in the office based on the presence of key colleagues – encouraging effective team collaboration.
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Self Declaration

Once employees have entered their workday in the office using the Office Planner application, they receive a self declaration form 24 hours in advance with information they must provide according to company policy to avoid COVID-19 risks.
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Reports & Tracing

The Office Planner application records and stores employee attendance based on workstation bookings and automatically generates daily or weekly reports on demand. This makes it easy to track possible contagions.
Gray circle outline with a white background behind a gray icon of an identification card with a small green circle in the right bottom corner with a white checkmark in the center

Visitor Registration

Monitoring attendance is important not only for employees, but also for visitors to the office, such as partners or customers. With our smart application, you can quickly and easily register your visitors, share the self declaration form to be filled in based on the company policy, and track their presence.

Conquer Your Business Challenges

Contact us to work with our team of experts to create your custom Office Planner solution based on our flexible and scalable low-code platform, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.