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Escape IBM Notes

In its prime, Lotus Notes (also known as IBM Notes) was radical to IT and how enterprises conducted business operations. However, as technology evolves, companies have begun shifting from on-premise systems to more secure, flexible, and cost-efficient cloud-native alternatives.

Indian firm HCL Technologies recently purchased Lotus Notes from its parent company IBM. This officially marked the end of IBM’s involvement in the software platform and highlighted an immediate need for users to migrate to an equally, if not more, powerful alternative. Regardless of what platform you switch to, the need for a reliable delivery partner to ensure a smooth Lotus Notes migration is unquestionable.

Without the right technology to assist in Lotus Notes migration, companies risk losing all the applications and workflows that enable key business functions. RunMyProcess offers you the perfect solution. Our platform provides an easy way to migrate and/or replace all of your Notes-based applications and workflows, so you can continue business as usual.

Our platform is the ideal complement for cloud-based software products like G Suite and Office 365. It goes beyond just ensuring a smooth migration experience—our platform also provides you with the ability to connect backend systems and build business applications, so you can get the most out of your investment in G Suite and Office 365.

Adapt to Your Needs

In addition to helping your company complete a seamless Lotus Notes migration, the RunMyProcess platform also provides the following:

Integrate the Web of Everything

Wide Range of Integrations

We enable integration with a wide range of existing on-premise and cloud-based systems. Creating seamless workflows with ERP and CRM software, such as SAP and Salesforce.


Scalability & Mobility

With business processes constantly changing, RunMyProcess allows your company to quickly and securely deliver, test, and scale systems as needed.

Easy builder

Customized Solutions

RunMyProcess designs custom solutions to address your unique business problems and specific department needs.


Device Independence

The RunMyProcess interface is accessible on mobile devices, tablets, smartwatches, and more, so users can access the applications and workflows they need from every touchpoint.


Intuitive Interface; Full Visibility

Our unified digital experience provides a central app catalog to access applications and a consolidated view of tasks across all workflows.

Reliability & Security

We employ the highest standards of business policies. This ensures our customers can fulfill their data protection and IP due diligence responsibilities.

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Find What Works for You

Maybe you’ve long considered migrating from Lotus Notes to a more robust and adaptable alternative — one that’s more secure, flexible, and cost-efficient. Or, perhaps, you were prompted by the recent Lotus Notes acquisition. Whatever your reason, RunMyProcess is here to help you find the right solution and Lotus Notes replacement.

The RunMyProcess platform can enable your company to quickly and securely migrate from Lotus Notes to the cloud-based replacement or alternative of your choice. RunMyProcess can simultaneously build, test, and deploy customized solutions to ensure that business operations are undisrupted during the migration period.
Products like G Suite and Office 365 help replace the email and productivity functionalities of Lotus Notes, but struggle to support users who rely on Lotus Notes’ application development tool for creating workflows and automating tasks. RunMyProcess considers all the potential uses of Lotus Notes. Our rapid application development tool allows you to quickly build device-independent cloud workflows and fully integrate and automate tasks with Office 365 and G Suite for full decommission of Lotus Notes. And, with RunMyProcess, companies spend less on licenses and system maintenance.

Drive Company Growth and Innovation

RunMyProcess was founded in 2007 by a group of visionary technologists seeking to transform how enterprise IT works. In 2013, RunMyProcess was acquired as an independent subsidiary of Fujitsu, the third-largest IT provider in the world.
Since 2007, we’ve automated the financial request process of a billion-dollar pharmaceutical company, customized the guest amenity request process for an internationally recognized hotel chain, and continue to serve a diverse roster of clients across the globe.

Make Way for the Future

We recently helped multi-billion-dollar building material manufacturer Lafarge Holcim transition from IBM Notes to a customized RunMyProcess application.

Lafarge Holcim wanted to replace IBM Notes with G Suite for increased day-to-day productivity.
While G Suite provided better calendar and email apps, Lafarge Holcim struggled to find a solution to migrate their 200+ Notes applications across more than 20 countries.

As a company with 100,000 employees around the world, Lafarge Holcim couldn’t risk anything less than a perfect migration. In the end, Lafarge Holcim chose the RunMyProcess platform for its quick-to-execute tools and capabilities, and seamless integration with G Suite and other third-party systems.

Lafarge Holcim has deployed RunMyProcess-based applications across various departments including HR, Legal, Finance, and Logistics.

With RunMyProcess in place, Lafarge Holcim enjoys lower infrastructure costs, easier updates and maintenance, and secure employee access from any location and device in the world.

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