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Integration and Automation Technology for the Language Services Industry

A language service provider has become more than a translator or an interpreter; in modern times, they must evolve to become a sophisticated engineering shop that plays an integral part in the systems and data integrations globally for your organization. 


Connectors for integration, including Plunet, LSPWare, Microsoft Office, Google Suite, SAP, NetSuite and many more.

Only 1

Centralized location for access to all systems, scheduling information, invoicing,  data and reporting. 

Up to 500x

Faster process for changing from an in-person to an over-the-phone interpretation, managing multiple language vendors, transferring of data, and reporting with your own quality control metrics.

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Stay ahead of the innovation curve.

The localization industry is constantly requiring more systems and more data integration. Because of this, there is an increasing demand for user generated content in which organizations are required to produce significant amounts of multilingual content in real-time. Whether you need over the phone telephonic infrastructure, multilingual video connections, access to machine translation or even real-time translators that can attest or certify your work using a Zoom or Citrix meeting, RunMyProcess can help you handle it. 

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Faster Operations for Compliance

Compliance departments no longer have to wait or risk potential fines in order to ensure timely responses to their members in multiple languages. PHI or CMS guidelines can affect you by exposing your organization to tedious and labor-consuming workflows that are dictated by language vendors. With RunMyProcess, you are protected from those workflows,  as you can translate at the source, within your organization and with virtual integrations, all through secure connections. 

Example use case of RMP Scheduling Tool

RunMyProcess can help to automate the interactions that clients have with translators and interpreters. In this interface, the client inputs the relevant information, in which the information is stored in both LSPWare to store data, a project management system to alert the relevant translator/ interpreter, and then the ERP/ accounting system to automatically generate the invoice. Rather than handling each task one-off, this is all done simultaneously, in a fraction of the time.

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Conquer Business Challenges

Create unique business values from your mobile enterprise applications based on the low-code, cloud-native platform, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.