How RunMyProcess DigitalSuite Helps Manufacturing Businesses

RunMyProcess Solutions for Manufacturing

RunMyProcess Digital Suite offers many functionalities and business process automation workflows that can help manufacturing organizations lower costs and increase productivity without loss of quality, as well as help offset the challenges of the talent shortage within the industry.  

A mechanic using metal tools to adjust a metal object using an industrial machine inside a workshop

 Benefits of using RunMyProcess for Manufacturing

  • Real-Time data insights on your production where you can find trends, areas for improvements or educated forecasts for anticipated inventory
  • Less risks, issues and costs for quality assurance issues that come from manual entry
  • More accurate quotes, invoicing and up-to-date pricing with integration between accounting systems and ERP systems
  • Elimination of waste with more accurate inventory
  • More time to focus on other tasks when automating processes

Case Studies

Discover how RunMyProcess Digital Suite has helped streamline and automate processes for manufacturing businesses around the world. 

Aerial view of a crop with a trailer sweeping away the grass

Reducing time spent on quality control by 30%

A farm machinery manufacturer digitized their paper-based process for the quality check phase of production to reduce waste and defects.

Silhouette of a construction site with standing skeletal of a building and three workers standing on top of the structure.

Reducing approval time from 2 months to 7 days

A building materials and hardware company built three applications to automate and streamline approval processes.

ABS unit module control box with pipes of car brake system (Anti-Lock Brake System)

Reduced repair process time by 40%

Hydraulics manufacturer replaced their paper and Excel spreadsheet-based repair management process with an entirely digitized version

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