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Google Apps Workflows

Change How You Work

Companies are shifting to the G-Suite (Google Apps) platform in pursuit of streamlined efficiency and a reliable productivity solution that allows employees to collaborate no matter when they’re working or where they’re working from.

G-Suite delivers a secure, user-friendly interface accessible across any device. But transitioning from one platform to another is an often-imperfect process that frequently requires timely and costly app redevelopment.
RunMyProcess provides a solution to quickly and easily replace old applications and platforms with modern, cloud-based alternatives to establish a strong foundation for future growth.

Adapt to Your Needs

Integrate the Web of Everything

Wide Range of Integrations

We enable integration with a wide range of existing on-premise and cloud systems. Creating seamless workflows with ERP and CRM software, such as SAP and Salesforce.


Scalable and Highly Mobile

With business processes constantly changing, our technology allows your company to quickly and securely deliver, test, and scale systems as needed.

Easy builder

Customized Solutions

We design custom solutions to address your unique business problems and specific department needs.


Device Independent

The RunMyProcess interface is accessible on browsers, mobile devices, tablets, and more so users can access what they need from every touchpoint.


Intuitive Interface; Full Visibility

Our unified digital experience provides a single location to access applications and a consolidated view of tasks across all workflows.

Reliable and Secure

We employ the highest standards of business policies which ensure our customers can fulfill their data protection and IP due diligence responsibilities.

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Make the Move to Modern

Escape IBM Notes

UPDATE: IBM has recently sold IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) to Indian partner HCL, which highlights that Notes users need to consider alternatives, helped by powerful delivery partners.
Our application development platform rapidly replaces Notes’ applications and databases with cloud-based alternatives to ensure a seamless and more cost-effective transition. We enable full decommission of Notes by automating tasks across G-Suite, and allowing integration with hundreds of on-premise and cloud systems and devices.
If you are looking to move away from IBM Notes, Google Apps rebasing with RunMyProcess is the ideal solution.

Transform the Future of IT

We recently helped multi-billion-dollar medical device company Welch Allyn transition from IBM Notes to a customized RunMyProcess application.

Welch Allyn needed to ensure that departing employees’ access to internal systems and resources would be terminated in a timely manner.

In two months, we built a more accurate and efficient termination application that can be completed ahead of time and is automatically deployed as soon as the employee’s termination date is reached.

This migration was well-received by the entire company and led to lower infrastructure costs, easier updates and maintenance, and secure employee access from any location and device.

Welch Allyn has deployed 14 RunMyProcess-based apps across various departments including HR, sales, marketing, purchasing, finance, and logistics.

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