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A man dressed in a button down and tie looking towards his right while on the phone and holding a black laptop.

Connecting The Dots: Extending Business Automation...

Every enterprise today is eager to seize the opportunities offered by smartphones and tablets to maximize the productivity of an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce. Consumer-focused mobile apps have shown the potential to use built-in features such as touch interfaces,

Two men dressed in professional attire and discussing content on a portable device while one with glasses smiles and the one in a gray suit points at the screen.

Bridging the Gap: The Last Mile of Business Automa...

There’s a paradox at the heart of how a modern business uses information technology. The better we become at automating much of what we do, the more frustrated we become at the daily workarounds that still defy automation and slow

City skyline at night with building, city and car lights illuminate the streets and freeways.

The Four Essential Pillars of Digital Transformati...

Over the last decade a new breed of digital company has quickened the tempo of business. Digital natives such as Spotify, AirBnB and Uber have delivered more convenient, responsive and engaging experiences for customers – and often disrupted entire industry

A team collaborating with individuals discussing the content displayed on their respective laptops while a black purse, Iphone, charging cables and unused stickers lay on the table.

Building IT Together: Creating a New Collaboration...

Business IT has one job to do: make business work better. Too often, IT does the opposite, getting in the way, imposing rules and slowing down the flow of information. Working better means working more efficiently, adjusting fast to new

A blurred individual with a focus on their raised arm displaying a watch with touch accessibility.

Leveraging the Internet of Things: Emerging Archit...

Connectivity is the great disruptor. Whether it is the connectivity that containerization brought to physical supply chains or the connectivity that the Internet has brought to digital ones, the ability to reliably and scalably connect things literally transforms the way

Streets of a city at night with car and city lights illuminating the roads while pedestrians line the street

Lean Digital Change: The Fujitsu RunMyProcess Meth...

Enterprise IT is undergoing fundamental and radical change. Organisations must move at digital speed to stay ahead of rivals and fend off competition from agile new start-ups. Employees want new ways of working and collaborating and customers demand a seamless

A hand with fingers hovering over an ATM keypad with hued blue lighting.

Security in RunMyProcess: An Overview

RunMyProcess solves digital problems and helps enterprises evolve using the power of connected technology. To achieve this we operate a cloud platform for quickly and securely building applications which connect enterprise systems to the people, clouds and devices of the

A blue and green ship at sea carrying shipment containers in blue, white, red and orange while covering the bottom part of a tan structure in the background.

The Next Business Platform: Understanding the New ...

Decades ago, “containerization” transformed the shipping industry and introduced globalization to physical supply chains. Could history repeat itself with digital and social supply chains?