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AI and Digital Workspaces to Empower Remote Workers in a Post-Covid Era

There’s enough evidence out there to suggest that work from home is here to stay. But there are many challenges mobilizing a remote and mobile workforce. How do you maintain productivity and close communication between remote individuals? New tools are on the horizon that aim to change just that.

Budget Approval With Biometric Identity Verification

In this budget approval demo of RunMyProcess and Biometrics-as-a-Service (BIOaaS), a manager receives a budget request in his email account. To approve the request, he accesses the respective RunMyProcess workflow and identifies himself with his biometric data (in this case face recognition) on his mobile device.

mapping out workflows and productivity on white board
Empowering a Remote and Mobile Workforce

There are many challenges in mobilizing a remote and mobile workforce. How do you maintain individual productivity? How do you maintain close communication between the remote individuals and the office? How do you maintain “Esprit de Corps”? There are several tools that can address these issues.

101 reasons we get digital transformation all wrong, part 2

In part one of this two-part post I hypothesized that many organizations are approaching digital transformation from the wrong direction. Instead of taking the opportunity to rethink their value creation practices many organizations appear to be simply applying digital technology to what they already do.

101 reasons why we get digital transformation all wrong, part 1

I’ve often thought that the term ‘Digital Transformation’ is the wrong way around. What is actually unfolding is an increasingly exponential ‘transformation’ of business and society.

The GNP agenda for innovating the world of insurance

Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) is one of Mexico’s largest insurance companies. GNP has set a goal of leading the insurance industry in innovation by 2022. Enrique Ibarra, its director of systems, describes the journey, the challenges, and the early results of a digital transformation in an article on I-CIO, Fujitsu’s digital platform for the elite of information technology management.

On starting new journeys

Over the last few months we have been working hard with our Fujitsu colleagues to bring more structure to our vision. But as with everything in life these days, the future is not created by closed communities working in isolation behind closed doors – it is created through conversations, shared goals and an ability to discuss ideas with a broad ecosystem of customers, partners and colleagues. The world is now more connected than ever.

Connecting The Dots: Extending Business Automation to Mobile

Every enterprise today is eager to seize the opportunities offered by smartphones and tablets to maximize the productivity of an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce. Consumer-focused mobile apps have shown the potential to use built-in features such as touch interfaces, cameras and voice recognition to collect and present information in novel and appealing ways.

Bridging the Gap: The Last Mile of Business Automation

There’s a paradox at the heart of how a modern business uses information technology. The better we become at automating much of what we do, the more frustrated we become at the daily workarounds that still defy automation and slow everything down. The successful expansion of business automation is bumping up against its limitations.

RunMyProcess – A Digital Application Factory

Sometimes organizations struggle to succeed in their Digital Transformation because they lack the knowledge of the new technologies available, the vision of how to use them, and the skills to implement them. In the traditional approach to IT, most managers think they have to replace their main system spending huge budgets in a risky “big bang” project.

The Four Essential Pillars of Digital Transformation: a Practical Blueprint

Over the last decade a new breed of digital company has quickened the tempo of business. Digital natives such as Spotify, AirBnB and Uber have delivered more convenient, responsive and engaging experiences for customers – and often disrupted entire industry business models while doing so.

Digital transformation with Hybrid IT – Episode III

Welcome to the third and final episode of our Hybrid IT blog series! The first two episodes are about integration as the key to Hybrid IT, how companies must begin with technology integration and then move toward capabilities integration.

Digital transformation with Hybrid IT – Episode II

In an ever changing world of “Hybrid IT”, the major challenge businesses face is maintaining business continuity while simultaneously transforming for the digital future. In this series of posts Chris Parker, Senior Business Development Executive at Fujitsu, offers a new perspective on the way in which hybrid IT and business ecosystems can help you successfully navigate this shift.

Digital transformation with Hybrid IT – Episode I

With an increasingly rich ecosystem of cloud services available across many different business and technology categories there has never been a better time to transform businesses using next generation ‘outsourcing’ and automation. But keeping an existing business running while transforming the underlying technologies is a little like trying to drive your car while simultaneously changing the wheels and tires.

Taking the digital transformation journey with RunMyProcess

We are now well into 2017 and the buzz around digital transformation is louder than ever…  and as expert digital problem solvers we know that digital transformation is about much more than technology; it’s about improving the competitiveness of your products and services by transforming processes and experiences to better meet peoples’ needs! But how do […]

What Makes Enterprises Successful in Digital Transformation?

MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte recently published a report titled “Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Future“ which aimed to explore which strategies are successful for enterprises on their way to digital transformation. For this report, they surveyed more than 3,700 business executives, managers, and analysts from organizations around the world.  

Building IT Together: Creating a New Collaboration Framework for Digital Business

Business IT has one job to do: make business work better. Too often, IT does the opposite, getting in the way, imposing rules and slowing down the flow of information. Working better means working more efficiently, adjusting fast to new challenges and competitive environments, making the best use of a business’ knowledge and brainpower.

Leveraging the Internet of Things: Emerging Architectures for Digital Business

Connectivity is the great disruptor. Whether it is the connectivity that containerization brought to physical supply chains or the connectivity that the Internet has brought to digital ones, the ability to reliably and scalably connect things literally transforms the way we think about the world.